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It's National Pizza Day - so we asked 'What's your favourite topping?'

The toppings that people have on their pizza and where they get them from can come down to a number of factors.

Alex Brown said he loved a pepperoni pizza

There are people who like a lot of meat on their pizza or, if they eat meaty pizzas, will base it on one particular topping and cover their pizza with that.

Other people will say that they prefer a plainer, more simple pizza with just cheese and tomato on top, maybe adding a vegetable or even a piece of fruit for flavour.

As for the places people like to get them from, the decision of where to buy from can be due to cost, quality of the food and the customer experience, and how they are treated by staff.

As National Pizza Day returns on February 9 for another day of celebrating pizzas in all their deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust and folded forms, the people of Wolverhampton have been talking about what the pizzas they like and how they like them.

Alex Brown from Penn said he would always recommend a pepperoni pizza, with the 18-year-old saying that good service formed what he considered a good place to get a pizza from.

He said: "My favourite pizza topping is pepperoni as I always think it's really nice and I think the cheese mixes well with the topping and the sauce.

"In terms of where I would go to, I would recommend Papa Johns because it's a really nice shop, really friendly with customers and a very sociable shop.