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2023 in the Black Country wasn't the best - but there are signs of hope

In the quiet corridors of reflection, there must be more than a few people happy to bid a swift farewell to 2023 - but it has to be said there are signs of hope in our region.

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Flowers have been left on the rubble of the destroyed Crooked House pub.

As we navigate the debris of popular pubs reduced to ashes, reckon with the alarming surge in knife crime, witness the painful exodus of cherished high street shops and grapple with the relentless cost of living crisis, the tapestry of our community bears the scars of a challenging year.

But in the Black Country, the echoes of resilience persist even in the face of such adversity.

The region, with its indomitable spirit, has weathered storms before and always emerged stronger.

In the midst of the charred remains of beloved establishments like the Crooked House, there lies an ember of hope - a testament to our collective resolve to rebuild, reconnect, and rise from the ashes.

Wolverhampton, for example, with its rich cultural heritage, witnessed a revival as the Civic Halls reopened their doors.