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The Wolverhampton bouncers going viral on TikTok with fun videos about their work

Two bouncers have become a hit on social media as they share light-hearted videos of their lives on the doors of pubs in the Black Country.

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Bouncer bros - Tim Wren (left) and Mark Robinson (right)

Mark Robinson, aged 34, from Tipton, and Tim Wren, 27, from Bilston, have become a hit on the video-sharing app TikTok as the Bouncerbros, after they started creating comedy skits and sketches of scenarios they have been through during their time working as bouncers.

The two men are hoping to use their platform to now further their careers working in the security industry - as they now currently work as doormen, they both are undertaking course to work in ‘Close Protection Service’, which will allow them to work in different fields of security.

Speaking about how the idea came about to start a TikTok channel, Mark said: “It was around July last year that Tim was using TikTok, and he said we should start doing it, making comedy sketches and funny videos but I knew nothing about it and was a bis sceptical at first, but I came round and we dropped a video later that month, and up to now it has over 28 million views, which is unbelievable.

“I really didn’t know what was going on but over the next few weeks it went from doing something as a bit of fun to going completely viral. Then within a few weeks we had a company reach out called Get Licensed where they wanted to pay us for our content, and we have worked together with them ever since.”

The main aim of the videos the Bouncerbros make is harmless fun with comedy sketches, or random scenarios they have faced working in the industry on the doors.

Bouncer bros - Tim Wren (left) and Mark Robinson (right)

The two are also hoping to use the opportunity to change the perception of bouncers, and that most people working the doors are actually nice people and approachable.

They added: “The last thing we want to do is show a bad side to doormen, we want to change the perception that people have and that is the main aim. So to show that whilst we may look big and scary, we are actually two guys you can have a laugh and chat with, and 95 per cent of all doormen are like that. At the moment they are currently based in Wolverhampton and work on doors of Wetherspoon pubs.

According to both men, Tim Martin, founder and chairman of Wetherspoons showed support to the guys after they sought permission to create videos in and around the pubs, but Tim was more than happy for them to do so and see it as free advertising. The channle now has more than 145,000 followers and they have received over 41 million views and over 4.3 million likes.

Both men worked as security doormen as a second job and second form of income, but Mark now solely does the security work, whilst Tim works as a cable operative for Virgin Media during the week too.

Speaking about what it is like to essentially go viral and become sort of content creators, they said: “Really we are just taking the mick out of ourselves in the videos, they’re lighthearted and a bit of light humour.

Bouncer bros - Mark Robinson (left) and Tim Wren (right)

They said: “One thing we do not do is take the mick out of customers, and so the reaction we get is very positive, it’s crazy.

“We even have people asking to take photos with us which is surprising as we’re just a couple easy going guys working the doors.”

Mark has now completed his Close Protection Service course, and Tim is now set to start his, and the both of them hope that this will then open more doors in the security industry to work in different fields and further their careers.”

They added: “We are now using our exposure and platform to further out careers in the security industry.”

Mark used to work as a personal trainer but his business was badly affected during the Covid pandemic and after working several other jobs on the side, he said it made him unhappy and at times depressed, but after going full-time in security, he has found his happiness and now enjoys what he does - which he sees is the main thing in life, to enjoy and be happy in all aspects in terms of work and home life.

The TikTok channel can be found here:

The channel currently has over 145,000 followers, they have received over 41 million views and over 4.3 million likes on their videos - which all began with a bit of harmless fun putting a video out there of the two of them asking people for their IDs before entering a pub.