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'Time to move on' says mother of young man killed in Wolverhampton e-scooter crash

The mother of a young man killed in an e-scooter crash has said it is time to start to move on after an inquest was held into his death.

Shakur Pinnock

Shakur Pinnock was aged 20 when he died following a crash between the e-scooter he and his girlfriend were riding and a car in Wolverhampton last June.

At an inquest held on Wednesday, area coroner for the Black Country Joanne Lees ruled the cause of death as a road traffic collision.

Mr Pinnock was critically injured and his girlfriend Chante Hoosang was seriously hurt when the scooter collided with a Volkswagen Golf driven by Hannah Jordan on Prestwood Road in Fallings Park.

He died six days later from severe head trauma.

Shakur Pinnock with his mother Celine Fraser-Pinnock

Referring to Shakur as Shaky, at the request of the family, Ms Lees said the response time of Ms Jordan would have been less than two seconds from seeing the e-scooter.

She said: "Shaky on his scooter would not have been visible until he and his scooter appeared from behind the van.

"He would have been visible for less than 1.5 seconds and that's such a short period of time."

Following the conclusion of the inquest, Mr Pinnock's mother Celine Fraser-Pinnock said she would have to accept things can't be changed and added that she is satisfied that an ending has come to the proceedings.

She said: "What I have to do now is accept that things cannot change, which was difficult when things were going on and on and it has affected everyone emotionally, but there's nothing that can bring Shaky back.

"If life could change and he could be here, then it would be different, but it is what it is and, personally, I have to start to move on and we can't change the past."

Flowers at the scene of the crash on Prestwood Road

Ms Fraser-Pinnock also praised the coroner for her handling of the inquest.

She said: "She was open and honest and the way everything was performed didn't make me feel bad as she never took sides during it, so I thank her for everything."

Ms Jordan's statement described how she had been heading down at Prestwood Road at around 30mph and had gone to pass a Transit van which was parked half on the footpath when she saw two people suddenly appear in front of her vehicle.

She stated how she had pressed the brake as hard as she could and estimated it was around a second from her seeing the e-scooter to the collision and offered her condolences to the family.

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