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Calls for long-disused tip to be redeveloped as site becomes fly-tipping magnet

A councillor has called upon the owners of a long-disused tip set to redevelop the site after it became a magnet for fly-tipping.

Cllr Paul Bott wants action taken about the site of the former Moxley tip.

Darlaston South councillor Paul Bott has expressed his anger about the build up of waste at the former Moxley Tip, with fencing and gates broken off.

He has described the amount of fly-tipping as "unbelievable", with burnt-out vehicle parts, trees and white goods among the waste dumped at the site off Moxley Road.

"The tip has been empty for a number of years now, maybe 20 to 30 years," he said.

"Over that time it has been used for fly-tipping. There is methane on the site, and Walsall Council has monitored it but now we feel that everybody has walked away from the site over the years.