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Appeal launched after 'gust of wind' knocks exotic birds off course from zoo

An appeal has been launched after a strong gust of wind knocked three exotic birds off course.

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Zoo keepers have asked all eagle eyed residents to look out for the colourful parrots

Keepers at WILD Zoological Park, at Halfpenny Green, were tracking three wild yellow parrots when they were blown away from the zoo grounds by a strong gust of wind.

Staff from the park posted on Facebook: "Our three yellow parrots have taken an extended trip from the bird show and now we turn to the public and the power of social media to get them home!

"Keepers have been tracking them until a gust of wind took them off away from the zoo grounds and have been potentially spotted in Sedgley.

"We ask that you share this far and wide so we can get our team back together. Keepers have a beautiful relationship with these birds and are eager to see them again soon."

The birds have since been spotted in the Sedgley area, but zoo keepers are asking everyone to keep an eye out, and if spotted, to report any sightings to them on 07792052880.

One of the birds that was blown off course by the strong gust of wind