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Teacher's hair shaved off in front of entire school to raise money for Cancer Research UK

A primary school teacher has had his hair shaved off in front of the entire school after growing it out for charity.

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Jake after the shave.

Jake Bishop from Sedgley initially partook in a bet among staff members at Glebefields Primary School in Tipton as to who would be the last to cut their hair.

This was three years ago, during the onslaught of the pandemic, when communities were united in their inability to get their roots done or locks trimmed.

However, after six months, the teacher realised that he wanted to keep growing his hair out until it could be made into a wig for the Little Princess Trust.

Jake said: "It started out as a bet with five other guys at work, then it became a lifestyle choice. However, now as I’m losing it anyway and am 40 next year I really shouldn’t have a man bun!"

The 39-year-old has also raised £2,615 for Cancer Research UK through a JustGiving page, due to the impact cancer has had on his loved ones.

Jake Bishop has grown his hair out for three years and has now had it shaved it off to make a wig for the Little Princess Trust.
Jake Bishop has grown his hair out for three years and has now had it shaved it off to make a wig for the Little Princess Trust.
Jake with his long locks.

Jake's father, Roy Bishop, died of stomach cancer, and Jake's girlfriend, Gemma Jones, is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Gemma has undergone numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as an operation.

After her first round of chemotherapy, doctors found the cancer was still active, and she had to endure another 14 rounds over 18 months. Jake says she still has three months of treatment to go.

Gemma is also a teacher, at All Saints Primary in West Bromwich, and Jake has praised All Saints and Glebefields for how supportive they've been during Gemma's treatment and his fundraiser.

Jake's long hair being snipped away.

Jake said: "As one in two people are now sadly affected by cancer, my family is no different. My father sadly passed away from stomach cancer ten years ago and my partner was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

"She is currently still in active treatment and I wanted to play my part in raising as much money as I can to support two charities very close to our hearts

"Gemma lost all of her hair during chemotherapy and that gave me even more of a reason to do it."

Jake getting his head shaved.
Jake getting his head shaved.
Jake's hair being snipped away.

Embarking on his challenge in Gemma's name, Jake was intent on raising money for Cancer Research UK and donating his hair to a child in need.

While he had been intent on simply donating his hair without kicking up too much of a fuss, his colleagues at Glebefields persuaded him to set up a fundraiser and contact the Express & Star to raise awareness of his cause.

And on Friday, Jake stood in front of every student and staff member at Glebefields as hairdresser Tim Lloyd, a friend of Jake's since he was 10, cut off his hair.

After Tim had finished, a group of pupils were thrilled to use the clippers to shave away the last of Jake's hair.

Jake after the head shave.
Teacher Jake Bishop has had his head shaved for charity and is donating his hair to the Little Princess Trust.
Jake after the shave.
Jake after the shave.

"I failed to mention to Tim that it was being done in front of the whole school. He was more nervous than me," Jake laughed.

The 39-year-old went on to say: "I didn't see it as a massive act. Everyone else had done a massive act by donating. I just had my hair cut.

"I do prefer it short though, it's so much easier to deal with. I have so much sympathy for ladies with long hair."

To donate to Jake's fundraiser, go to