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Calls made to waive road closure fees in Sandwell to mark King Charles III's coronation next year

Sandwell council has asked its chief executive to consider waiving fees for temporary road closures ahead of the coronation of King Charles III.

Sandwell Council

Road closures cost around £2,000 for residents. Councillors agreed that residents should be able to celebrate the significant event next May.

A council motion put forward by the Sandwell Conservatives asked the Black Country local authority to “recognises the historical significance of the coronation” King Charles III and to waiver fees for road closures to allow “residents of Sandwell to come together to celebrate”.

Opening the debate, Conservative councillor William Gill said: “I’m sure that we can all agree that next year we’ll see one of the most historic event in recent history of our nation.

“I’m hoping tonight, we can all agree to invite the executive to consider waiving road closure fees for this weekend to ensure that anyone who wants to throw a street party to come together and celebrate his coronation.

As a borough, this is a chance to come together and I hope the council support a plan to allow residents to celebrate this historic occasion which will become a key footnote in the history of our borough.”

Councillor Amrita Dunn, who seconded the motion, said it was a chance to “celebrate national pride, unity, and identity.”

She said: “The idea of coming together I think is the core of this motion and it is essential to take opportunities for ourselves to celebrate our national pride unity and identity. This motion does just that.

Street parties, whether big or small, are a really effective way to bring us together for a common cause. I know that my residence in Tividale and our residents across Sandwell would really like to celebrate this historic moment in all of our lifetimes.

“There’s no better way to do this and to have the council support the cost of holding street celebrations. I hope it’s not we can put our political differences aside and use this opportunity positively.”

Labour councillor Ellen Fenton said a zone to celebrate the coronation, rather than closing off streets for individual parties, may be a solution.

She said: “Parking is a big issue in my ward, and if we were to close loads of streets rather than having one central event, and every road went for themselves, I do wonder where all the cars would go.

“I don’t think that my ward is unique in this issue. But as I said, I don’t disagree because everything should be up for consideration. It’s just a point that I thought I should raise.”

The motion was carried.

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