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Church choir ready to sing to raise funds

A Black Country church will echo to the sound of song as its choir looks to raise much-needed funds.

Into the Light will be performing a 12-hour singing marathon to raise funds for the church

The Kingswinford Methodist Church praise group "Into the Light" will be putting on a sponsored 12-hour singing event on Saturday as part of a fundraising campaign by the church on Stream Road.

The event, which runs from 9am to 9pm, comes after the replacement of the boiler after it stopped working on Christmas day last year, meaning that any events held at the church were heated by portable gas heaters.

The replacement cost the church £27,500 and while the church was given a grant of £5,000 from Dudley Council, it is still looking to raise the remaining funds to cover the cost.

A spokesman for Kingswinford Methodist Church said: "On Christmas day last year, the boiler at Kingswinford Methodist Church stopped working.

"Worship and other events and hirers activities continued through the winter months to the accompaniment of portable gas heaters.

"The old boiler could not be mended and so a new one has been fitted at a cost of £27,500.

"The church acknowledges with thanks a grant of £5,000 from Dudley MBC community fund, but this leaves us to raise the balance by various fund raising events.

"Such an event is being held on Saturday, September 23 when the church's praise group Into the Light is holding a sponsored 12 hour sing from 9am to 9pm.

"Any support for this event would be much appreciated."

To find out more about the event and to make a donation, go to

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