Yessss!!! WATCH fans go wild as England reach World Cup semi finals - with PICTURES

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Watch fans go wild as they witness England make it to a World Cup semi-final for the first time in 28 years.

Harry Maguire and Dele Alli were the goalscoring heroes and Jordan Pickford the goal-saving lion as England scored either side of half-time to dispatch Sweden 2-0 in their Samara quarter-final.

In Wolverhampton, one fan clambered on top of a bus to celebrate:

We had reporters at the George Wallis pub in Wolverhampton, Bar Sport in Cannock and the Old Bush in Albrighton.

Here's how punters there, and elsewhere, celebrated:

England fans celebrate in Wolverhampton



Pubs across the Black Country were packed, including the George Wallis in Wolverhampton city centre where fans went wild as England booked a place in the World Cup semi-finals for the first time in 28 years.

Jubilant fans celebrated after the final whistle, singing the anthem of the tournament, ‘It’s Coming Home’ , at the top of their lungs.

The latest victory has only further convinced many fans England could go all the way to secure World Cup glory.

Dale Phillips, 26, from Blackheath, said: “If we beat Croatia we will go all the way. It was a fantastic performance. I thought we might win a tight 1-0 but not as easy as that. It’s coming home.

“Before the tournament I thought we would get out the group stages at best. Gareth Southgate has brought the lads together. Before the tournament I didn’t think much of him but he’s blown everybody out of the water.”

Kevin Harris, 54, from Newport, Shropshire, said: “It was brilliant, we deserved it. It is the best chance we will ever have, with all the big ones going out.”

John and Karen Freeman, 65 and 56, from Tettenhall, were also celebrating.John said: “That’s the best performance I’ve seen from an England team for a long time. Gareth Southgate has been fantastic. He is disciplined but he also shows the emotion.

Karen said: “We’ve waited a long time for this.”

John Cooper, 26, from Tettenhall, said: “That’s the first time I’ve seen England play in a positive way and it looks like we can beat any team going forward. It will only bring more confidence for the team.

Jay Flint, 36, from Tettenhall, is refusing to get too carried away and said: “I don’t think anyone can be confident we are going to win it.

“But if this is the emotion of winning the quarter final, imagine what it will be like if we win the semi-final.”

On boss Gareth Southgate, who is fast becoming a national hero, he added: “He’s got a level head. He’s been there and done it and that’s what you need.”

Cameron Teevan, 21, from Bloxwich, said: “I don’t normally follow football but even I’m made up. It’s coming home.”

These fellas were quite happy too:

Punters at The Old Bush in Albrighton were in high spirits after Saturday's quarter-final match.

Anthony Townsend, of Albrighton, celebrated his 30th birthday watching the match with friends at The Old Bush.

He said: "It was really good playing. There was a fantastic atmosphere. It's really made my day because everyone's happy and in high spirits.

"I think we can go all the way. We're coming home.

"We had booked to go paintballing in the afternoon but changed it to the morning when we knew England were playing."

Amy Mitchell, of Albrighton, was also cheering for England at the pub with her friends.

The 34-year-old said: "The atmosphere is great in The Old Bush. I've watched every World Cup game here. It's a really good community in Albrighton and it's got the best landlord in the village.

"He creates a real ambience for the World Cup and every other sport.

"It's great we've won. It's coming home. I'm a dreamer."

Ross Stephenson, 38, of Albrighton, brought his son Keifer, nine, to the pub to watch the match.

He said: "It started off quite steady. It was a brilliant first goal.

"I think we can go all the way.

"Every time there's a great atmosphere here. It's always full."

Jordan Johnson, 24, and Jack Stanton, 23, came from Solihull to watch the match at the pub.

Jordan said: "It's great. It's unlike any other World Cup I can remember."

Jack added: "The atmosphere has been electric. If they play like they have been we can go all the way."

And this is our online sports editor's take:

Around 800 fans packed out Bar Sport in Cannock to cheer on the England boys as they took on Sweden in the World Cup quarter finals.

One of them, Luke Traat, 29, an information security specialist from Cannock, said: "I thought Sweden played exactly into our hands. We got the goals where we needed to.

"Every time it comes around to the group stages in the World Cup I'm like 'I will not get into this aura that England will win it'.

"But this year, when Kane scored that goal Tunisia and then we went and beat Panama when we should have done, I did feel that we were adding to a story and it would make a great story.

"Finally, we should win. Lets get rid of all the nervousness, we should beat whoever comes out of Croatia or Russia, whoever comes out of France or Belgium, we can beat them.

"We can win the World Cup so long as we stay together, stay strong and don't do anything we don't need to do."

Another, Joe Shelevy, 29, a warehouse manager from Cannock, said: "There is no reason why we can't win because it should be a one game shoot-out.

"If you look at it from an England point of view we should beat everyone on our side of the draw. That is the way it has fell.

"Never in my lifetime will it be so easy to get to the World Cup final. I hate Man United, I can not stand Ashley Young or Jesse Lingard, but tonight I love them all. We are all coming together."

Scott Murray, owner of Bar Sport, said that having former Wolverhampton Wanderers player Steve Daley and former Wolves boss Dave Jones in to entertain fans was 'brilliant'.

Mr Murray said: "We had Steve Daley, who hosts a lot of our events, and Dave Jones, so it was interesting to hear them talk about the play and how the footballers were playing and also to get their review after the game which was brilliant.

"Both Steve Daley and Dave Jones were overwhelmed, it was fabulous, and they both think England can win on Wednesday.

"I think England can do it, I don't know about the final we will have to see on the day, but I think we can get to the final definitely.

"They needed not to have the prima donna's there, I think it has been a massive boost for themselves to know that they are more important than anybody else.

"It was a great move by Southgate to choose that young team without some of the older team and some of the prima donna's who have possibly ruined it in the past.

"It lifts everybody, it lifts the area and the country, everyone is happy and enjoying it. It is a good feel good factor. There has been a great atmosphere here today and it has just been really enjoyable.

"If people are thinking are coming on Wednesday, it is free to come in, but book early or get down here early on Wednesday and certainly next Sunday."

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Additional reporting by Richard Guttridge, Luke Bartlett and Lisa O'Brien

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