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Influx of 5,000 international students could give Wolverhampton a Latin flavour forever

An influx of 5,000 international students in Wolverhampton will "transform the city centre forever" with a creation of a Latin Quarter to cater for their economic and cultural demands.

Professor Ebrahim Adia wants to welcome the world to the University of Wolverhampton

The University of Wolverhampton wants to increase its revenue by £100 million in the next five years by massively attracting thousands of international students who will pay higher fees than their domestic counterparts.

After researching the international education market the university has identified Latin America as the ideal place to recruit from.

The ambitious plans were revealed by vice-chancellor Professor Ebrahim Adia at a Wolverhampton Business Forum meeting about the future of the city centre.

He said: "International students will be transformational for Wolverhampton. In our five-year financial plan we have factored in 5,000 new international students.

"We need to work with our partners to provide something special which will attract global students."

He added: "We all know about Chinese students and what they bring but we have been looking across the world and have settled on Latin America.

"There is a massive demand for Western-based university education in Latin America, with North America now too expensive.