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How to tell if your child is unhappy at school and what to do, according to psychologists

Certain signs may suggest that your child is unhappy at school, Wolverhampton psychologists say.

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Avoiding friends, suffering from stomach aches, and having difficulty getting ready in the morning are among some of the telling signs.

For some children, starting a new school or year group is exciting – it means new opportunities, a new environment, and in some cases, not being the youngest in the school anymore.

But for others, such changes can bring uncertainty, nerves, and worry.

Wolverhampton city council's educational psychology service has shared advice for parents who are concerned that their child is not enjoying school, and what they can do to help them.

The following information has been provided by Dr Elaine Perry, senior educational psychologist, and Dr Rebecca Glazzard, specialist senior educational psychologist with a responsibility for emotional wellbeing and mental health.

"The key thing that families can do to support children is to talk to them, listen to them, give them time, and look out for any changes in their behaviour that might indicate they are having a tough time.