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Firefighters treat Darlaston primary school pupils to a visit with their engine

Youngsters at a school are getting real-life lessons on important jobs.

Firefighters from Willenhall visit St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Darlaston

The latest came with a visit by firefighters to St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Darlaston.

The crew from Willenhall Fire Station treated four and five-year-olds from the school's reception class with a tour of their engine and answered their questions.

Headteacher Kathleen Hinton said: "The children have been finding out about different people who help us and have already had visits from the local police officers, priest and a doctor. The children asked lots of questions and enjoyed finding out more about the role of a firefighter.

"We offer a wide variety of experiences to our children both in and out of school. It is fantastic to see some of our youngest children taking such a great interest in their learning. We hope it will inspire some of our children to become future firefighters."

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