Special report: Mother is still searching for justice for murdered Keelan, 15

An emotional Kelly Ellitts – the mother of murdered 15-year-old Keelan Wilson – today said she will “never rest” until her son’s killers are locked up.

Keelan's mother, Kelly, says her son's death has ruined her whole life
Keelan's mother, Kelly, says her son's death has ruined her whole life

As West Midlands Police confirm the Wolverhampton teenager’s case is still with the Crown Prosecution Service, more than a year after his death in May 2018, Ms Ellitts says she fears the people responsible for his killing could attack again.

Keelan was ambushed while he was tending to a broken-down car in quiet residential area of Merry Hill, in Wolverhampton, at around 11pm on May 29, 2018.

Police were called to reports of fighting in Langley Road and Keelan was taken to hospital with serious injuries, but was later confirmed dead. A post-mortem confirmed he died from stab wounds. His killers are still at large.

Ms Ellitts said: “The hardest part for me is that they are out there, walking the streets, enjoying parties, meeting girls, having birthdays, but my son will never have any of that again.”

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For more than a year Ms Ellittshas lived in hope she will see the day when her son's killers are brought to justice.

The killing of Keelan is not one that would normally fit into the category of a typical unsolved murder, if there is such a thing.

He did not disappear without a trace one day, he was not kidnapped and taken to a remote country lane. He was brutally attacked on a housing estate on a summer's night in an area where there was a potential for witnesses.

But it has proved a difficult case to crack for detectives, trying to bring the justice Keelan's family are so desperately waiting for.

With each passing month, there is a glimmer of hope this is a murder that will be solved. Suspects have been arrested, only to be released without charge.

In recent weeks a file has been passed to the CPS which could finally provide the breakthrough both detectives and the grief-stricken family crave.

Keelan's mum Kelly and dad ,Gary Wilson

The schoolboy had been out with a friend on the night he was killed in June last year.

When his friend's car broke down near Keelan's home, it turned out to be the twist of fate that would cost him his life. Keelan got out to try and help fix it and it is believed he was spotted by someone who tipped off his killers that he was near home.

Kelly, aged 40, said: "Keelan had gone to his friend's. He texted me to say he had one per cent left on his battery and if he didn't answer the phone to let me know why, that he wasn't going to long and he would be back soon.

"They couldn't get the car started and they pushed the car round to the parking bay.

"He would never have left him. But it does bring a question into my mind. He would normally have asked me to give his friend a lift, why didn't he ask? Probably because it was late at night and he didn't want to bother me."

A short time later Keelan, who would have turned 17 on July 1 this year, was ambushed by a masked gang of attackers and stabbed several times.

Kelly Ellitts with Keelan's half-brother Josiah Knight Ferguson

Asked why she believed her son was targeted, Kelly said: "Keelan struggled with friendships, he didn't really fit in. Keelan was a lot different than some of the people he chose to hang around with.

"Keelan thought he was not going to be friends with them so he went to stay in Birmingham. This group didn't like the fact he moved away and he was friends with people they didn't like.

"Who do these people think they are taking people's lives? It ruins families - it has ruined my whole life."

The hunt for Keelan's killers had been made more challenging by the fact he was attacked by a group, making difficult for detectives to prove who struck the fatal blows. The attackers also wore masks in an attempt to conceal their identities.

Kelly admits to having mixed feelings about the length of the investigation but understands police have got a difficult job on their hands.

Kelly Ellitts

She said: "It is not an easy case. They really thought about it when they killed Keelan. They went with masks and used different phones. There is a lot of CCTV and a lot of phone lines to cover.

"Sometimes I get to the end of my tether and I want the police to hurry up but at the same time I don't want them to miss anything. It is a living torture, every single day."

The heartbroken mother says she is hopeful the passing of the 84-page file to the CPS will deliver the result she has been desperately waiting for.

She said: "It gives me hope. When they first told me I was crying my eyes out. I want to be happy but at the same time I'm not happy. There is a possibility Keelan is going to get justice but it is still not going to bring Keelan back.

"I'm praying it does get to court and if it does I will be there. They should get the maximum imprisonment."

West Midlands Police launched a fresh appeal for information on the first anniversary of Keelan's death.

A force spokeswoman said: "So far, nine teenagers have been arrested in connection with his murder and released under investigation as inquiries continue."

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