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Mixed reaction as Wolverhampton ranks third in list of most dangerous cities for students

Locals have reacted to a study that has ranked Wolverhampton as the third most dangerous city for students.

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The study, conducted by the online education platform Internet of Learning, analysed police crime data to calculate the crime rate for popular student neighbourhoods across leading universities in England and Wales.

By condensing the number of crimes committed per 100 people in the past 12 months, the study could pinpoint the most dangerous areas.

Wolverhampton was listed as the third most dangerous for students, and today locals have reacted to the not-so-welcome rating.

In central Wolverhampton, which encompasses St. Peters’ boundary, the crime rate stands at 23.3 crimes per 100 people.

Here, police data suggests one in five residents has faced prosecution for drug-related offences.

Today, locals have reacted to the news and commented on whether or not they feel safe in the area, if they've noticed crimes committed and their surprise at the ugly rating.

Kerlws Youssef moved to the city three years ago from London