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Overgrown weeds on council land ruined my fence, says 83-year-old

A retired engineer says overgrown weeds from council land have caused damage to his garden fence.


Jack Washington, aged 83, has appealed to Dudley Council to treat the vegetation next to his home in Netherton.

The Darby End Road resident claims he has been promised the issue will be resolved, but has been frustrated at the lack of progress.

Mr Washington said he initially reported the problem to the council in June last year.

He has made repeated calls to the authority about the weeds, which he claims are growing from council-owned land over his fence, causing damage.

Councillor Gaye Partridge, cabinet member for housing, said council officers would visit the property to help.

Mr Washington said: "There's ivy and all sorts growing over the fence and that's come through and shattered the top part of it," he said.

"They promised me that they would come and fix it.

"But I've spoken to them most months since – a couple of times a month – and it's always on the list to be done but it's never been done.

"It has taken 13 months and it still isn't done and is really unsightly now."

Mr Washington, who has lived in the property since February 1969, said it has meant he has lost interest in keeping his garden tidy as the weed-ridden fence looks in such a poor state.

"It's just broken the fence down so I couldn't even get a new fence up now if I tried," he said.

"It's a struggle to keep the garden going as it is, without this extra worry and stress on top.

"I like things to look nice and look like I want them to look.

"Looking after a garden doesn't come cheap these days either.

"There's no point even tending it any more."

Mr Washington added the frustrating situation meant he was 'reaching the end of his tether'.

He said promises keep being made to deal with the situation, but he has seen no action from the council.

He said: "They've just kept telling me it's on the list to be done, and it will be done, but nothing has happened.

"There's nothing I can do about it, as it's on the other side of the fence."

Councillor Partridge said: "We appreciate this matter being raised with us and we will visit the property to see what help we can offer in this case."

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