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Why have Wolves been making moves in the esports world?

Esports is big business and has grown hugely over the last few years.

Team of Professional eSport Gamers Playing in Competitive MMORPG/ Strategy Video Game on a Cyber Games Tournament. They Talk to Each other into Microphones. Arena Looks Cool with Neon Lights.

It is essentially competitive video gaming – but think not teenagers in their bedrooms, but professional gamers showcasing their skills in front of thousands of spectators, both in person and online.

It's very much a sport for the 21st century, with the action taking place in the online arena rather than on a pitch or court.

Some of the world's best gamers compete in tournaments for cash prizes in popular games including Fifa and Call of Duty.

Esports are taken very seriously and these guys and girls mean business. This is the cream of the crop battling out for the biggest prizes. If you think you're a handy Fifa player and you might be able to give it a shot, that's a bit like being decent in five-a-side on a Monday night and thinking you can mix it in the Premier League.

The competition has enjoyed a boom over the last few years and this is why Wolves have got involved, having partnered with American brand Evil Geniuses.

It is seen by Chinese owners Fosun as another way to grow the Wolves 'brand', which they have expressed they are desperate to do over the coming years, helping to bring more awareness and interest in the club globally and the marketing and commercial opportunities that come with it. Wolves already has its own professional Esports team.

The owners are not shy to open up Wolves to new markets. Directors say they see Red Bull as a potential model for growing the club beyond football. The energy drink company has become well known for its involvement in sport, through its hugely successful Formula 1 team and various other ventures.

So Wolves fans perhaps more used to partnerships with the local estate agents in years gone by can expect these modern and exciting link-ups to continue in future.