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'I love that I can come up with these weird and wonderful ideas and make jewellery'

As a self-confessed jewellery buying addict, it was only natural that Amanda Wildwood would want to start making her own.

Mother and son team Amanda and Alex Wildwood outside their studio and shop at Bewdley Museum

With a love of folklore, she took inspiration from the fairy wings she used to make for her children when they were young.

“I wanted to make their childhood as magical as possible so we used to have fairy nights. They would collect leaves and acorns to leave for the fairies and the fairies used to leave them wings that I would make,” explains Amanda.

“I started making jewellery because I was always buying other people’s and I wanted to learn how to make my own.”

It took a lot of experimenting and practice before the 56-year-old was able to make fairy wings that she was happy to share with others.

“I knew how I wanted them to look but it took me a couple of years to work out how to make them. They are made from layers of plastic mica powders and inks which gives them a 3D effect.

“Once I knew what I was doing, I taught my son Alex and now he makes them. How we make them is still a secret,” explains Amanda.

Amanda and Alex inside their studio and shop, From The Wildwood
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