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Meet the business owners helping people to reduce the amount of plastic in their weekly shop

Helping people to reduce the amount of plastic in their weekly shop is the aim of Caz and Dean Barratt.

Caz and Dean Barratt outside their zero waste and refill shop in Stourbridge

They offer shoppers the chance to stock up on groceries, toiletries and cleaning products without the need for single use packaging.

Their business, Eco Maniax in Stourbridge, is one of a growing number of zero waste shops across the country.

It was inspired by their own desire to cut down on single use plastic after seeing the harmful impact of pollution highlighted by Sir David Attenborough.

“I was watching a documentary about what it was doing to the planet and it really upset me. I knew I wanted to reduce our plastic and carbon footprint,” says Caz.

Caz with the dispensers of cereal

After making the decision to reduce their use of plastic, the couple struggled to find eco-friendly options on their doorstep.

“It was quite difficult because we were having to travel into places like Birmingham.

“There wasn’t anything in the local area,” explains Caz.

The couple believed there must be other like-minded people who were also trying to do their bit for the environment. They opened their zero waste and refill shop in the Ryemarket Shopping Centre in December 2019.

Customers can bring their own containers to the shop where they can weigh out the amount they want to purchase, cutting down on unnecessary plastic and food waste.