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Meet the musical brothers from Walsall hoping to hit the big time with their own songs

Three musical young brothers who live in Walsall are hoping to hit the big time after wowing audiences by performing their own original songs.

Robert 15, CJ, 12, and eight-year-old Jacob are performing their own song as Bo Brothers

Robert, CJ and Jacob Boateng – aged just 15, 12 and eight – have left listeners wanting more and more after taking to the stage as Bo Brothers.

They have been performing at open mic nights and charity events stretching across the region and including both Birmingham and Lichfield.

And the band is now hoping to continue with their momentum, backed fully by their musical parents, which they hope will inspire others along the way.

Their mother, Marika, said: "They've been writing their own songs and they have 10 at the moment, they write the lyrics they sing and they can rap too – they've been out doing charity events and open mics.

"People are very interested in the fact they're brothers doing original music themselves with positive messages – they write about the things they see, or hear, on the news and they're just trying to inspire others. We're try to support and motivate them as much as we can.

"We feel with the music they have, they can perform anywhere even worldwide. The songs are very catchy and we get a lot of response from people, not just young people their age but older people too from different walks of life saying they like it, the message, the lyrics, the melody, because it's not just for their own generation – anyone can relate to this.

"Everywhere we go the response is amazing and people always invite us back. I really feel we can go outside of the country – we can tour places and inspire other young people. Because they're still very young and brothers it serves as an inspiration for other young people, it'll show them that if you put your mind to something you can achieve it."

The trio currently have 10 of their own songs

The logo for the band was designed by their father and Marika's husband Charles, with the brothers having been inspired by their parents to follow in their footsteps and become musical.

"I always knew they would follow both me and my husband because we're both very musical," she said. "There's been guitars, keyboards, and everything else around and they've been exposed to this growing up. I could just feel when they were small they liked listening to music."

The band currently has one music video for their song "Elite" which was filmed in Birmingham. They can be found on TikTok, Spotify and Facebook. For more information, visit