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The Lovely Eggs, I Am Moron - album review

The Lovely Eggs are just the right amount of bizarre to be brilliant companions in these uncertain times.

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The album artwork for The Lovely Eggs's I Am Moros

Their music doesn't always hit the spot, and that's okay. They try wonderfully different things, and probably don't care what we think anyway. They're enjoying the ride.

And in a strange twist of fate, the psych-punk duo have come pretty close to hitting the nail on the head with what they set out writing as a lash out at the "modern culture...bringing the world to its knees". Well, that has now happened.

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Take the album cover, again by artist Casey Redmond. Unhealthy microwave meals, a sofa and bog roll all adorn their usually colourful artwork. All daily staple concerns right now. A golf club represents sport that also keeps the headlines primed despite it not actually being here. A set of keys while we are not supposed to venture out.

Spooky, eh?

So what about the music?

They say they "poured every bit of inspired anger, contempt and hysterical laughter" into it. And to steal a catchphrase from a well-known advertising campaign, it does what it says on the tin.

From the opening synth-filled plateaus of Long Stem Carnations we know we are in for another zany ride - the first full-length since 2018's This Is Eggland and again produced by Dave Friedmann (The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Tame Impala).

They love to use repetition in their lyrics which are full of wonderful references, such as Anthea Turner popping up in the chortle-producing You Can Go Now, which seems to be a list of things Holly Ross wants to just end.

The Lovely Eggs

It's a trick they bring back for The Digital Hair, an angsty scuzz-fest full of aggression and side-swipes at the modern world.

Ross has a wondergully engrossing vocal style. She can go from sounding quite child-like to screeching up there with the great punk queens of yesteryear. Repetition and Ross again combine for the oddly psychedelic and gripping You've Got The Balls.

And there's time for an all out romper-stomper with Insect Repellent too where the guitars of Ross and her husband David Blackwell combine with absolute ease.

These guys are great when they get it bang on, and record number six does just that.

Rating: 7/10

The Lovely Eggs were due to play Birmingham's The Castle And Falcon on April 11, but this has been delayed until July 19 due to the coronavirus outbreak