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Red Method, For The Sick - album review

On the surface, this record from metal supergroup Red Method sounds like a Slipknot-esque romp through the realms of groove-infused walls of sound and guitar slams.

Red Methiod's For The Sick artwork

But listen deeper and there's some very pertinent messages in each track that will hopefully provide solace and comfort for somebody out there going through their own personal struggles.

The overarching theme of the album is mental health. But each track tackles a different aspect. The Absent deals with dementia, My Psychosis looks at issues relating to anger. And the band have some pretty strong words about what it means to them.

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"For the Sick is my heart on a plate, I have never been so honest lyrically or musically in my life," says singer Jeremy Gomez. “I don’t want to get too heavy, but this band probably saved my life,” adds keyboardist Alex Avdis.

With their hearts firmly on their sleeve, the band - which contains former members of Meta-stasis and The Defiled - have released this debut album which was produced and recorded by Scott Atkins (Cradle Of Filth, AmonAmarth) at GrindstoneStudios.

It's loud and abrasive - the chugging and relentless riffs of Messiah, throttled by those grouchy vocals Gomez spews forth, are rabble-rousing to the extreme. This is a real fists-in-the-air track, shoving two fingers up to everything that has ailed us previously.

They go dark too. The claustrophobic, encroaching whirring of The Narcissist's Prayer will put you on edge as you await your punishment. The guitars then cut in to pulverise from within. It's a panic-inducing sound and works well.

Red Method

The Absent, featuring SikTh's Mikee Goodman as a guest, screams and squeals at you as the frantic drumming of Fred Myers keeps the song moving forward until its loud and agitated conclusion. The track uses break-downs well to alter the pace throughout.

And there's even an angsty cover of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box thrown in for good measure. The knowledge of the album's themes make it a wonderful addition as they spin their own gnarled interpretation on an already agitated song from the mind of Kurt Cobain.

This is an interesting and well-crafted, raucous affair from start to finish.

Rating: 8/10

Red Method appear at Birmingham's Asylum 2 on March 28 as part of the Amped Road Trip 2020 alongside Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, Outta Peak and former Star Unsigned act Like Giants, who have links to Telford, Newport and Shrewsbury