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The Twang, O2 Academy, Birmingham - review

There's nothing quite like seeing a band playing to a home crowd – and anyone who saw The Twang last night in Birmingham were treated to a special gig.

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The Twang

Brum's finest were on top form and ensured the packed-out 02 Academy were treated to night of sublime music. It was a proper Christmas knees-up.

First things first, a word for the support acts. Sugarthief played a great set, despite the fact the venue was still slowly filling up. Proper rock music that caught the attention of those who turned up early.

And then Mona came on. Wow. Got to say they were one of the best support acts I had seen in a long time.

The style was a throwback to the rock 'n' roll heyday of the seventies. They weren't copying anyone, it was just nice to hear a band play classic rock music to such a high standard.

It just proved you don't have to mess around with the rock music. Just playing great guitar, bass and drums, with some walling vocals, is all you need.

It set the night up nicely for the main act, The Twang, who immediately exploded into action.

Barney Rubble is just a great track. One of the best songs off their second stunning album, Jewellery Quarter, which was named as homage to the artistic and creative area they ended up calling home.

There's something about The Twang that just gets the hips swaying. The superb beat, guitar and melodies on all their tracks is addictive. I challenge anyone to not dance and smile when they are in full flow.

Back Where We Started is just another 'anthem', if that's the right word. The crowd just put their hands in the air and sang along.

I'll admit, I got into The Twang quite late. I knew their songs but I didn't fully grasp how good they were until they were celebrating their 10-year anniversary – or the year that marked 10 years since they debut album, Love It When I Feel Like This was launched – last year.

Having caught them at the Beyond the Tracks festival held in Birmingham last year, it was then I truly realised what a great band they are – and how proud the West Midlands should be to have produced yet another class act.

It was Paradise at the 02, another of their more well-known tracks, which again is very mellow and just makes you want to dance.

Whoa Man, with its driving drums and bass, caught everyone's attention. 'You ain't got nothing' they sang to the crowd, but we had plenty to shout about thanks to their superb set.

They also decided to play some of their better-known tracks early, including Either Way, which is possibly their most famous track.

It's one of those songs where you've heard it so many times, you forget how good a track it is sometimes. They really do 'write us a love letter' when they play that song live.

We’re a Crowd got everyone in full voice again. The Twang lovers are some of the most passionate fans I've ever come across. Probably because all their songs just make them smile.

Their cover of Drinking in LA is simply brilliant. They don't change much but just put their own twist on it. Slowing it down a little bit and, if you can believe it, making it sound even more mellow.

By that point they had already Took the Fun, smashed it up and spread it out for us all to enjoy. Another song for the fans to sing along to, 'La la lah lah loh', everyone was in fine voice and even better spirits.

What a great night. And here's to at least another 10 years of The Twang.