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Wolverhampton's singing sensation Beverley Knight to mark turning 50 with UK tour

Wolverhampton-born superstar Beverley Knight has announced she will celebrate reaching the age of 50 by embarking on a UK tour.

Beverley Knight appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning

The singing sensation appeared on BBC Breakfast on Tuesday morning to make the announcement, which comes after the release of her latest album, The Fifth Chapter, on Friday.

Speaking to the programme's presenters, Beverley, who turned 50 in March, commented that reaching the milestone birthday is a "privilege".

She said: "You get to a stage in your life where you feel as though 'okay, I've accomplished certain things, okay, what next?'

"It's almost like the universe goes 'right, I'm going to give you a shove in this direction, just go with it and trust the process', and here we are with another album.

"As the big 50 was coming I found myself, instead of thinking 'oh my god I'm dreading this', I found myself going 'it's great, this is a reason to celebrate.'

"It's a privilege to be at this age and to still have health and strength and everything so I thought, I'm going to celebrate that in every way that I know how, and for me, that means music."

Beverley went on to discuss her upcoming tour, and said she was looking forward to interacting with fans again.

She told BBC Breakfast: "We went through a pandemic and that was really hard, and so to interact with fans again just me, as me, is probably the greatest joy of it all.

"I'm happiest when I'm on stage and to be able to have that two-way giving of energy and then everybody goes home happy. I can't think of anything that gives greater joy and fulfilment than that."

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