Top food challenges to conquer in the Midlands and Shropshire

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Typical human nature shows that we turn everything into a competition - even eating. We have come up with a wide array of colourful creations and monstrous meals to push our stomachs to their limits in trying to finish them.

Right here in the West Midlands and Shropshire, we have a range of eating challenges and plus size meals on offer...Could you finish them all?

Before checking out the food challenges below, see how the Express & Star team got on when they took them on themselves:

#EpicFood - Rub Smokehouse and Bar, Birmingham

Rub Smokehouse offers a range of #EpicFood for customers to tackle

Over at Rub, they don't just have one food challenge - they have a whole range. Every month or more Rub come out with a new #EpicFood to wow their loyal patrons.

This includes the #BurShake for £19.95, a triple cheese waffle burger over a malt Dr Pepper chocolate milkshake, mixed with Rub Ruby Red Beer in a glass coated with Nutella and M&Ms...With an onion ring and bacon on top for good measure. If you can eat this in under 12 minutes, you win your very own Rub shirt.

For £45 you can also tackle the Tomahawk Pizza, a 40oz tomahawk steak flattened out to make a base, then covered with BBQ sauce, a mix of smoked cheddar and mozzarella, garlic field mushroom, French fries and more cheese. If you take this on alone and complete it, you will win a Rub T-Shirt and your completion time will be entered onto a leader board for your chance to win £250

Trash Can Challenge - Flaming Grill, Wolverhampton and more


Pete Cashmore tackles the Trash Can Challenge

Flaming Grill offer a range of food challenges, but none are more renowned than their Trash Can Challenge - so big it must be served in a real bin lid, all for £19.99.

This challenge is described as a marathon and not a sprint and you must conquer: a giant rack of ribs, one mixed grill burger, BBQ pulled pork, one nacho sundae, onion rings, crispy chicken strips, corn on the cob, double baked beans and a triple portion of chips.

If you defeat this challenge, you will get your name and photo on Flaming Grill's very own Wall of Fame.


The Beast Pizza - Snappy Tomato Pizza, Stratford-Upon-Avon and more

The Beast from Snappy Tomato Pizza is the equivalent of THREE large pizzas

Famous for their Chicago-style, square pan pizzas, Snappy Tomato Pizza are also becoming famous for their monstrous Beast Pizza.

The challenge is the equivalent of three large pizzas, measuring at 45cm by 60cm and weighing in at 3kg - this pizza is perfect for parties or one lone eater who is feeling brave.

You can choose the Beast Pizza in any topping starting from £21.95 and upgrade to stuffed crust from £26.45

Death Proof Burger & Planet Terror Chilli Bowl Challenges - The Vegan Grindhouse, Birmingham

The Vegan Grindhouse offers clever themed dishes, as well as monstrously spicy food challenges

Food challenges are not just packed full of meat and dairy products - The Vegan Grindhouse offer plant-based street Americana food aplenty, as well as two Grindhouse-movie-inspired challenges to knock your socks off.

The Death Proof Burger contains a stack of three quarter-pounders, three rashers of 'bacon', three slices of 'cheese', lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, jalapenos, and three sauces of your choice. If you eat it all, you win a £5 voucher off your next order and become inducted into their wall of fame.

Their Planet Terror Chilli Bowl challenge is not for the faint hearted - it's a six bean chilli topped with five different hot chilli sauces and plenty of jalapenos. If you can tackle this, you too will receive a £5 off voucher and your very own place on their wall of fame.

El Doble & El Triple - Mission Burrito, Birmingham

Dave Callaghan prepares to take on the El Triple Challenge

Can you beat the El Doble or El Triple burritos at Mission Burrito? Take on the Man Vs Burrito challenge and earn yourself a limited edition T-shirt and your place in the Lucha Libre Hall of Fame.

The El Doble weighs a whopping 2lbs and is comprised from two twelve inch tortillas and a double helping of your favourite combination of meat, rice, beans and salsa.

The El Triple, in comparison, is even more of a force to be reckoned with - with three tortillas, three helpings of meat, beans and rice along with as much salsa, cheese, sour cream and romaine as you can handle.

Monster Dog Challenge - Smokey's American Grill and BBQ, Walsall

Jack Averty prepares to take on the Monster Dog Challenge at Smokey's Bar and Grill

Along with the Monster Burger Challenge made up of 3lbs of minced beef, 12 rashers of bacon, a dozen slices of cheese and 12 onion rings - you can also take on the Monster Dog challenge at Smokey's American Grill and BBQ.

The hot dog contains a three foot long hot dog, chilli, cheese, onions and jalapenos in a three foot bun for £30. You have an hour to complete the challenge with a side of coleslaw and fries to be inducted into the hall of fame.

Desperate Dan Pie - The Pie Factory, Tipton

Elizabeth Joyce is defeated by the Desperate Dan Pie

Are you mad enough to try the Cow Pie Challenge? head over to the Pie Factory in Tipton and attempt the Desperate Dan Pie.

Desperate Dan's Cow Pie is jam-packed full of steak and kidney, a variety of seasonal vegetables and their famous gravy baked with a pastry lid and horns - all weighing in at 4lb.

Every challenger will be awarded with a certificate, but will it be a winning one or a losing award?

The Flaming Doom - O Bar, Birmingham

O Bar and Dirty Cow Burger have put together the hottest ingredients they could find to create the Flaming Doom Burger. Pic:

O Bar have teamed up with Dirty Cow Burgers and delved into the depths of spice hell - to come back with the Flaming Doom burger.

The 6oz burger is accompanied by jalapeno sauce, pepper jack cheese, green and red chillies, onion, suicide sauce, Mad Dog Inferno Sauce, Mad Dog 357 Sauce and Flaming Old J whiskey.

This burger weighs in at over 400,000 on the Scoville scale, meaning that gloves and a waiver are required before you take part.

Crocodile Inferno - Dilshad, Cannock

A waiver must be signed before you attempt to tackle the Crocodile Inferno

The Crocodile Inferno is twice as hot as police tear gas and is rated at around six million on the Scoville scale. Even the restaurants own staff are told to warn patrons off trying this spicy crocodile meat dish.

The dish is so hot, it's chef has to wear a gas mask to protect them self from the fumes permeating from some of the world's hottest chillies including the Ghost chilli pepper, Trinidad scorpion Butch T. chilli pepper and the notorious Carolina Reaper.

If you can complete the challenge, you will win yourself a limited edition T-shirt and a place in the Dilshad hall of fame.

The Bear Grill Challenge - The Bear Grill, Stafford

Kirsten Rawlins attempts to take on the bear

The Bear Grill in Stafford is famed for it's monstrous burger challenge priced at just £24.95. Could you beat the bear?

The challenge consists of one whole 24oz burger layered with rashers of bacon and Montery Jack cheese served with a mountain of chips, onion rings and two litres of coke or lemonade.

The burger must be devoured by one person in under one hour. If you complete the challenge you will receive your meal for free, one free T-shirt and a place on their coveted wall of fame.

Bar's 6 Habanero Wing Challenge - Bar Sport, Cannock

Richard Gutteridge prepares to dig into the Habanero Chicken Wing challenge at Bar Sport

Eating six chicken wings in seven minutes sounds easy right? you couldn't be more wrong.

At Bar Sport in Cannock you can take on their Habanero Wing Challenge for £7, in which you have to devour six Habanero-coated chicken wings in seven minutes with no drinks allowed whatsoever - the only help you'll receive is from a tiny pot of blue cheese dip.

If you can conquer the challenge, you will receive a place on their leaderboard and a free T-shirt

Monster Breakfast Challenge - Toll End Road Cafe, Tipton

The 8 It All Challenge is now the Monster Breakfast Challenge, but still just as difficult to conquer

Formerly the 8 It All Breakfast Challenge, the Monster Breakfast Challenge has undergone a re-vamp and is ready to be conquered once more.

In one sitting you must devour six rashers of bacon, six sausages, four hash browns, four slices of black pudding, four eggs, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes and six slices of toast. A free can of pop and unlimited tea and coffee are available to assist you in your challenge.

If you can do this, you will receive a place on their Facebook wall of fame and a free meal voucher that must be redeemed within two weeks of your win.

Monster Nachos Challenge - SmokeStop, Shrewsbury

SmokeStop offer a range of difficult food challenges for you to defeat. Pic from:

SmokeStop love a good food challenge, and their Monster Nachos Challenge tops them all in terms of size and difficulty.

To conquer the challenge you must consume 3lbs of nachos, 32oz of cheese, 25oz of meat, two handfuls of jalapenos, four dollops of sour cream and two helpings of salsa.

You have one hour to complete the challenge and if you do, you'll get your meal for free and appear on their wall of fame. If you are defeated, you will have to pay the full £25 cost, with £5 of that going towards SmokeStop's charity of the month.

By Becci Stanley

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