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Nathan Judah's Marbella Tour Diary - Day 1

And just like that...we're back!

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Cmon England!!!! Watkinnnssss

It only seems like yesterday that we signed off for the season at Anfield.

But less than six weeks later, it all starts again - and we can't wait!

New players, new destinations, new expectations - same old partner!

Yep, Mr Liam Keen will be joining me for another action packed pre-season.

And the boy wonder did not disappoint!

Airport disaster for Keen!

Within the first hour of meeting at Birmingham airport, he was pulled by security for 'foreign objects' in his bag that was later confirmed as aftershave.

He then left his carry on suitcase in Starbucks and only realised when we were boarding the flight!

It's going to be a long three weeks!

LK: Easily none of the scariest moments of my life! That two minute run back to Starbucks felt like a lifetime and I was convinced it would be gone...but we survive another day.

We landed in Marbella at 10pm and finally arrived at our pad for the week around midnight.

Luckily enough I bought a property 10 years ago in Spain and it just so happens to be 20 mins from Wolves' training facility - I'll be invoicing Keen for his stay.

Up bright and early and out the door the following morning to Wolves' morning session.