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Dave Edwards: One thing can get Wolves striker Fabio Silva back in fold

It was fascinating to see Gary O’Neil’s comments on Fabio Silva.

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Fabio Silva has no option but to try to impress in training after falling down the pecking order under Wolves head coach Gary O’Neil (Getty)

When you’re not inside the football club every day, you never quite know what happens within that training environment and why some players get chances and others don’t.

Sometimes when a player doesn’t play, fans can’t understand why as they don’t see what happens every single day and what a player’s fitness and attitude is like. All these things go into what the manager chooses at the weekend.

That’s why it was fascinating to see the comments about Fabio Silva and how good his attitude has been in recent weeks.

Possibly, it says in the past it hasn’t been as good as what it should be, and I think we all hope that the penny is dropping with the player.

He’s still young and he’s at a club where I think he has the perfect environment to flourish. Firstly, there’s not many strikers at the football club, so there’s an opportunity there. I’m sure in January they’ll hope to address that, but without an out-and-out number nine, Silva should get chances.