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John Ruddy hails Conor Coady influence at Wolves

John Ruddy has hailed the influence of 'stand-out player' Conor Coady on Wolves' season.


Coady has been a model of consistency at centre half, a position he hadn't previously played in until this year.

Ruddy praised the 24-year-old's performances and said it looked like Coady had been a centre half all his life.

"I think he’s been top drawer," Ruddy said. "To try and make a player adapt to a new position when he’s never played there before is something the manager’s obviously made him feel comfortable with the idea of it, but it’s also testament to his character and his personality that he’s willing to do what he’s been asked to do.

"He’s a very good ball player and very composed but he’s also a leader and a communicator.

"When he’s playing in that central role of the three, to be able to communicate to the rest of the defence and players in front is massive.

"That’s why he’s, for me, he’s been the stand-out player because of the circumstances (of a new position).

"Some of the play we’ve had this season has been superb but a lot of the work he does goes unnoticed.

"It’s testament to him that he’s adapted in that manner and looks like he’s played there his whole career."

Ruddy will tonight face former club Norwich City at Molineux as Wolves look to edge closer to promotion with another three points.

The 31-year-old, an ever-present between the sticks, also revealed his close relationship with Coady on the pitch.

"It’s difficult when you’ve got 30,000 fans shouting but I tend to communicate my ideas through Coady who’ll then pass that on through the lines," he said.

"(As keepers) we have the best picture in the house, if you like, from behind to see the positions of the players.

"It’s those spur of the moment things. The timing is so fine that it has to be short, sharp information. We can’t have a full blown conversation! Unless there’s a break in play.

"If I feel there’s something that needs addressing from what I’ve seen I’ll probably call Coads over and get him to relay the message as well, which we’ve done a couple of times in the season.

"The manager’s very vocal and is good at seeing those things. The changes more often than not come from him.

"He always asks before the game or at half time if we’ve got anything to add and if there is we have our say and let him know.

"But he’s very good at spotting that anyway – whatever you’re relaying he’s probably already seen.

"That’s a really good thing and signifies we’re all seeing the same picture."