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Managing director Mark Miles confirms West Brom fan meetings

Albion supporter representatives have received confirmation of upcoming meetings with Mark Miles.

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Managing director Miles this week assumed the duties of outgoing Albion chief executive Ron Gourlay, who leaves the club next Wednesday.

The MD, who has been at the club for 20 years, vowed to continue Gourlay’s work of liaising with fan groups as uncertainties and challenges continue to face the club under Guochuan Lai’s stewardship.

Shareholders for Albion, the group that represent the clubs minority shareholders, and pressure group Action for Albion have both received dialogue that Miles is set to deliver on his promise to meet.

In a letter to members, S4A chairman Leigh Kent confirmed he had received a telephone call from Miles on the evening of his unveiling.

The note stated: “Mark has confirmed that he wishes to continue dialogue and working together. Ian Skidmore, director of communications, has also stated this to me.”

The update added that a first meeting may not take place for some weeks and will likely be later in June due to pre-existing leave and commitments on both sides.

Action for Albion, the group established last year to raise awareness of Lai’s ownership, tweeted: “Mark Miles called @AliJones9 to say that he wants date to meet @action4 albion in the next week or 2. We will confirm date once agreed.”

Miles said on his appointment: “I fully understand why supporters are frustrated and fearful” but added his optimism for the season ahead.