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Last week, I used photographs that I took at the Tipton Canal Festival which is held every September. When I look through my photos after a photo-shoot I always think I could have done better.

Polarising Filter

There is a lot of glare both from the sky and the reflection on the water which a polarising filter would have cut down. Polarising filters turn and you turn them around until you get the right effect.

The last week of summer

Brunswick Park

I walked around Brunswick Park (Wednesbury) on the last week of summer in the late afternoon to get a few shots that I would like to repeat as autumn changes those greens to yellow as the leaves begin to fall. Try to get depth to shots like this and enjoy the walk. You become more aware of what's around you if you take a slow walk around a park and it's relaxing too.

The fence going away from us gives this shot some depth. The fence also has a lot of detail that we see is quite sharp and gives the shot a quality that draws the eye.


[figure title="BRUNSWICK-PARK-10" align="center" url="/wpmvc/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/BRUNSWICK-PARK-10.jpg" id="1345383" size="100"]

I’ve gone for lots of depth again in this shot. The fence again is quite sharp but I have a hedge in the foreground and the tree that compares to the path going away from us and gives the shot illusion of depth. This shot will be transformed as those leaves change colour and fall.

35mm prime

This evening I’ll be taking photos at an event and shooting some video. I want to try using my 35mm prime lens and a single focus point. I should get better quality shots but I won’t be able to zoom in and out. The prime lens is much lighter too so I’ll try using it to shoot the video. My DSLR shoots HD video in 20-minute clips, which is long enough for what I need. I’ll be shooting under fluorescent light and I don’t have a FLD filter for that lens so I’ll use a UV filter and set the white balance for fluorescent. Different lenses need different size filters which can make things difficult and expensive at times. One option I have is to use in-camera editing instead of using a soft focus filter and I want to try that on some shots this week because my new soft focus filter isn’t very good. It is worth paying extra for a really good soft focus filter if you are going to do a lot of portraits in soft focus. I’m hoping my 35 mm prime will give me some really sharp pictures and video today.

So this autumn I will be polarising my photography ideas between events and landscape photography using different techniques for each. I think I’ll be doing more indoor events as the weather worsens. I might try that polarising filter in the park if we get a sunny afternoon too. They work best with the sun at right angles to the camera, which will work well in the park as sunset approaches.

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