LETTER: Reward our front line workers

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A reader hails front line workers and calls for them to receive pay rises.

A member of hospital staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Instead of all these politicians keep giving out these platitudes towards NHS staff and sounding so false and insincere which is so embarrassing to hear, let the government really show their appreciation and commitment by immediately increasing their pay to that of danger money.

The government expect and do pay our NHS a relatively low wage but are letting them work within dangerous conditions day in day out. They are now working more hours individually than ever before and still want them to work for a low wage under very extreme, critical conditions.

In fact with all the money the government is having to lash out with, surely all workers who are front line and or putting their health and safety at risk should be paid accordingly, and our politicians instead of verbally thanking these hard working workers, show them that they really are appreciated by financial means because once this crisis is long over with you can almost guarantee that the workers we are all now thanking will be returned to poor conditions and cuts.

Pete Lowe, Brierley Hill


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