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Cathy Dobbs: Tricky question time for our MPs

All our MPs are going to be put on the spot over the next year as each one will be asked that crucial question – “What is a woman?”


Something that is easy for primary school children to answer has become tricky for many politicians as they are caught between the truth that would help protect women using female-only spaces, or appeasing the minority.

The new campaign will see volunteers meeting MPs and candidates to record their responses to that strangely contentious question. All responses will be shared on a website that will be launched soon.

We already know that Labour leader Keir Starmer, Lib Dem leader Ed Davey and Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan believe women can have a penis. While Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made it clear that “a woman is an adult human female”.

Recently we’ve seen how celebrities who have spoken out as gender critical have been unsuccessfully cancelled – it appears the majority are making their feelings clear. We’ll see what the Great British public think at the next general election.


As HS2 ploughs past my village it is closing roads, destroying forests and uprooting businesses.

If the new multi-billion pound high-speed track joined up with our other high-speed track, the Eurostar, then I could see the point. It would be a game changer to be able to get on the train in Birmingham in the morning and be in Paris for lunchtime.

A link in London was dismissed as being too expensive at around £700 million – a tiny drop in the huge HS2 budget. Shaving a few minutes off your time getting to London is small-time thinking for such a huge project.


Newly qualified doctors are saying they would be better off moving to Australia. If they did go they would have a shock, as not everyone in Australia is able to afford private health insurance. In Britain we may have our issues, but at least we do try to help everyone in our society.