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Three Lions at West Midlands Safari Park predict England v France result

Three lions on a mission to predict what the score will be between England and France this evening have made their prophecy.

It was neck and neck to start with (BBC WM + West Midlands Safari Park)

The three male big cats at West Midlands Safari Park have been temporarily named Jack Growl-ish, Harry Mane and Luke Roar.

In a video on social media, they were let loose and given the chance to choose between two boxes - one painted with an England flag and the other a French flag.

It was initially controversial as Growl-ish beelined for Les Bleus' box but when an indecisive Harry Mane failed to pick a side, it was down to Luke Roar to keep England in it.

He did just that and the game headed into extra time.

The Lionesses were then released to save the day, which prompted Mane to square up to Growl-ish, pushing him off the French podium.

With the lionesses surrounding the England box, the winner was clear.

The three lions' prediction: England beat France in extra time, knocking out the holders.