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Cellist performs Super Mario Bros music in four-part YouTube video

Samara Ginsberg said she had ‘received quite a few requests for it’.

Cellist Samara Ginsberg performs the music from a Super Mario game

A cellist has delighted the internet by performing and editing together a four-part rendition of the Super Mario Bros theme.

Samara Ginsberg, 37, from London is a full-time cellist who works both as a freelance musician and as a chamber musician on cruise ships.

With work drying up, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ms Ginsberg said she “got bored enough to start doing these videos”.

In a series of YouTube videos, she has arranged music for the cello in a number of parts, with the themes from Inspector Gadget and Knight Rider among them.

But it was the theme from the popular Nintendo game Super Mario Bros that caught the attention of plenty on Twitter recently, achieving hundreds of thousands of views and more than 10,000 likes, with three cello parts and a percussion part.

“The Super Mario Bros cover is such a venerable and respected internet meme and I can only hope to have done it justice,” Ms Ginsberg tweeted.

“It’s kind of been almost an internet cliche for a number of years now, so it seemed an obvious one to do,” she told the PA news agency.

“I’ve also received quite a few requests for it.

“Initially I was astonished when this multitracking project took off. I did the first one just as a joke to make other musicians laugh – I never thought it would go viral.

“The other really surprising thing about this has been how nice people are. You hear a lot about the internet being a nasty, troll-ridden place, especially if you’re a woman, but that hasn’t been my experience at all.

“I have had a few nasty inappropriate comments, but really they are so few and far between. The overwhelming majority of interactions have just been from people saying how much they’ve enjoyed the videos.”

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