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Opinion poll round-up on day eight of the election campaign

There has been little movement in the average poll ratings for all the major parties.

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Two opinion polls have been published in the last 24 hours, both giving Labour large leads over the Conservatives.

A poll by Savanta, carried out last week from Friday May 24 to Sunday May 26 among 2,235 UK adults online, puts Labour 17 percentage points ahead of the Tories.

The figures are Labour 44%, Conservative 27%, Liberal Democrats 10%, Reform 8%, Green 4%, SNP 3%, Plaid Cymru 1% and other parties 4%.

A more recent poll by More in Common, carried out from Monday May 27 to Wednesday May 29 among 2,049 British adults online, gives Labour a 19-point lead over the Tories.

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The figures are Labour 45%, Conservative 26%, Reform 11%, Liberal Democrats 9%, Green 5%, SNP 2%, Plaid Cymru 0% and other parties 1%.

A simple average of all polls that were carried out wholly or partly during the seven days to May 30 puts Labour on 45%, 21 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives on 24%, followed by Reform on 11%, the Lib Dems on 9% and the Greens on 5%.

This is almost identical to the averages for the previous seven days to May 23, which also showed Labour on 45%, the Conservatives on 24%, Reform on 11% and the Lib Dems on 9%, with only the Greens recording a small change week-on-week, dropping one point from 6%.

The averages are based on polls published by Deltapoll, Ipsos, JL Partners, More in Common, Opinium, Redfield Wilton, Savanta, Survation, TechneUK, WeThink and YouGov.

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