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MP accuses whip of ‘drunken bullying and harassment’

Julian Knight made allegations of bullying and harassment against a Government whip in his valedictory House of Commons speech.

Julian Knight MP

An independent MP has made allegations of bullying and harassment against a Government whip in his valedictory speech.

Julian Knight, a former Conservative MP, previously faced allegations of serious sexual assault himself which were investigated then dropped by Essex Police earlier this year.

On the final day of the current Parliament before the General Election, the MP for Solihull said: “I made two complaints to two different chief whips about drunken bullying and harassment by a Government whip.

“All I wanted, Mr Speaker, was an apology and for it to stop. This bullying was witnessed by an independent female friend who has supplied an affidavit which is currently with the police in order for them to take action.

“What is more, I whistleblew on two occasions over Islamophobia and racism that I had seen in my party and nothing was done.”

Mr Knight earlier said: “Up until December of 2022, I would have encouraged anyone to become a Member of Parliament. Sadly, I would not do so now, because of the toxicity of this working environment.”

He made reference to “an ongoing, wide-ranging criminal investigation being undertaken into conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, fraud and forgery involving multiple individuals” and asked: “Why was I named when multiple members who have actually been arrested have not been named?”

Mr Knight added: “I lack friends in high places.”

He said: “Let me briefly outline the effect this has had. I think of myself as a real Conservative and I have been driven from my party. I’m sitting on these benches rather than those. I have contemplated suicide on multiple occasions. Every night, I wake at 3am, every night. I’ve lost my position and my future.”

Mr Knight accused his former party of raising taxes “’til the pips squeak” and said: “The last 14 years have, I’m really sad to say, going to be proven a bit of a waste. Our legacy will be a Labour government with bankrupt ideas and uninspiring leadership.”

A spokesperson for the Conservative whips declined to comment.

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