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Man who denies murder says he ‘lost his mind’ when he knifed pensioner in street

Asylum seeker Ahmed Alid is in the witness box on trial at Teesside Crown Court, where he denies murdering Terence Carney

Ahmed Alid court case

An asylum seeker who fatally stabbed a pensioner in the street told jurors he “lost his mind” after feeling stress build up.

Ahmed Alid, 45, is charged with murdering Terence Carney, 70, in Hartlepool town centre, minutes after repeatedly knifing his sleeping housemate Javed Nouri, 31, in his bed.

The prosecution at Teesside Crown Court has said Alid, who was born in Morocco and who moved around Europe for years, was seeking “revenge” for the Israel-Palestine conflict.

He admits stabbing both men in the early hours of October 15, eight days after Hamas launched their attacks on Israel, but denies murder and attempted murder.

Under cross-examination by Jonathan Sandiford KC, Alid told Teesside Crown Court he was feeling stressed when he came across Mr Carney.

He was left bleeding from his hand following the earlier confrontation with Mr Nouri, an Iranian who had converted to Christianity, at their shared asylum seekers’ accommodation in Wharton Terrace.

Speaking via an Arabic interpreter, he recalled the moment before he repeatedly stabbed the pensioner, saying the stress “made me lose my temper, (I) lost my mind, I didn’t know what I was doing”.

Alid explained there were previous disagreements with Mr Nouri and claimed he was tormented over several months; he had lost his passport in Greece and he wanted to leave the UK and go back to Spain.

He denies murder, attempted murder and assaulting two female detectives after they interviewed him.

The case continues.

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