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What the papers say – September 25

Tax breaks going to ‘affluent Tory areas’ and the PM’s plan to increase immigration are splashed across the front pages.

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Many of Sunday’s papers continue to feature the fall-out from the Government’s controversial tax-cut package.

Budget tax breaks will go to “affluent Tory areas”, says The Independent, reporting some wealthier counties, including those that contain the seats of Liz Truss and her deputy, are earmarked for “investment zones” where billions will be handed to businesses.

The Sunday Telegraph adds Ms Truss is planning to continue her “tax-cutting spree” in a new year Budget that will include further reductions in income tax, and discounts for savers and child benefit claimants.

The Sunday Express has the Chancellor saying, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”, in relation to tax cuts – with a “true blue Tory revolution” on the cards.

The Sunday Times, meanwhile, writes the Prime Minister is facing her first “Cabinet row” as she prepares to increase immigration to boost economic growth by trying to tackle acute labour shortages.

Sir Keir Starmer will pledge to turn the UK into an independent green “superpower” before 2030 through a massive expansion of wind and solar energy, The Observer says.

Elsewhere, Sunday People reports one of the Brits freed after being held as a prisoner of war by Russia celebrated with an egg McMuffin.

Former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has detailed his wife’s severe battle with Covid on the front page of the Sunday Mirror.

And the Daily Star Sunday splash features a woman who says she is marrying a ghost from the Victorian era, claiming he “has a jealous streak” and regularly hides her “skimpy clothing and lingerie”.

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