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32,625 woofs – Dog lover to spend 26.2 hours listening to Who Let The Dogs Out?

Amy Ockelford will hear the question 8,700 times.

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Amy Ockelford

An animal lover is set to listen to the noughties hit single Who Let The Dogs Out? non-stop for over 24 hours to raise money for charity.

Amy Ockelford, 31, will be playing nothing but the Baha Men’s beloved track in an unconventional marathon.

She insists she is not barking mad and is keen to raise money for the RSPCA, for whom she works as a press officer.

And while Ms Ockelford says she does “quite like” the song at the moment, she does not know how she will feel 26.2 hours (and 32,625 woofs) later.

Her canine-pop themed fundraiser is part of the 2.6 challenge, a week-long nationwide effort starting on Sunday, the original date for the now-postponed London Marathon.

Ms Ockelford, who lives in Horsham, West Sussex, said: “I’ll be listening to the song, on repeat, for 26.2 hours – which means it’ll play 435 times!

“I’m a dog lover and, working for the RSPCA, I see on a daily basis the incredible work our staff and volunteers do to help thousands of dogs, and other animals, every year.

“I really wanted to use the lockdown to do some good and felt it would be appropriate to take on a challenge that was crazy, dog-themed and home-based.”

Every year the London Marathon raises over £25,000 for the RSPCA and is a vital source of income for many charities.

Amy Ockelford
Amy’s unique fundraiser is part of the 26.2 challenge (RSPCA/PA)

To help raise money in these challenging times, the RSPCA is asking supporters to take on a 2.6 challenge, maybe something animal-themed, to help the thousands of animals in its care and being rescued every day.

Ms Ockelford added: “I actually quite like this song – but I suspect it may begin to wear thin a few hours into the challenge.”

What will she experience during her marathon journey with Who Let The Dogs Out?

The PA news agency took a look at the all-important numbers (based on 435 listens):

– 8,700: the number of times the immortal question about canines being let out will be asked
– 6,525: the number of times that question will be answered
– 2,175: the number of times the question will go unanswered
– 435: the number of times she will be told that “the party was pumping”
– 32,625: the number of uses of the word “woof”

To support Amy’s fundraising efforts visit:

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