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The Great Big Thank You Awards 2017: Nominate your unsung heroes now

Do you know someone who deserves a Great Big Thank You?

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The Great Big Thank You Awards 2017: Nominate your unsung heroes

Is it about time they received recognition for all their hard work in a glittering ceremony attended by celebrities from across the region?

Whatever they do, we want to hear about them from you.

Tell us why this person is so special and nominate them for one of the Express & Star's prestigious Great Big Thank You Awards - which will bring them the recognition they deserve.

They will also have the opportunity to meet some of the most well-known faces of the region in a ceremony aimed exclusively at their achievement.

The sparkling ceremony will take place early next year.

Perhaps it's the person you always turn to for advice in your community, someone who supports you and always goes that extra mile to help?

Perhaps they have helped your area to improve and flourish against the odds? Are they your community champion?

Maybe they are just someone who is known by everyone as being someone you can trust to do the best for you and where you live?

Are they always giving up their time to help? Could they crowned 'Volunteer of the Year'?

The winners from our previous ceremony

Or maybe you know someone who has done their utmost to promote their local roots, or someone who encourages people to think more positively about the West Midlands and deserves to be crowned 'Ambassador of the Year'?

You may know someone special who, even though they're so young, has strived to achieve their goals in the last 12 months, working hard in their chosen hobby or sport to triumph against adversity of an illness or long-term condition? Do you think they deserve the title of 'Young Star of the Year'?

There might be someone you know who happily gives up their time to raise funds for a cause close to their heart.

Whether adult or child, this individual leads by example making an extra effort to support others who are less fortunate than themselves. Are they your 'Fundraiser of the Year'?

Do you know a teacher who goes beyond the call of duty to do the very best for their students, or a learner who puts in the extra hours to achieve? Is there someone who has worked tirelessly to change their life, despite obstacles stacked against them?

Have they made their way through a difficult time in the last 12 months and made a fresh start. Could they win the 'Fresh Start Award'?

WATCH: Highlights from the first Great Big Thank You Awards

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