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TAKE OUR SURVEY: Can Boris Johnson heal Britain and how can Labour ever recover?

We want to hear from you! The Express & Star has launched a survey to gauge the mood after the election result.

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Boris Johnson in the Commons

As the government lays out its plans, we give you a chance to have a say on the election landslide and its consequences for our country.

After securing a thumping majority at last week’s election, Boris Johnson is promising to make good on his pledge to get Brexit done.

Now we are giving you the chance to give your your views on what should happen now after the third general election in five years.

The last few years in Parliament has been dominated by deadlock and frustration but the Prime Minister now has a clear majority to pursue his agenda for the country.

How do you feel about a Boris Johnson government for the next five years?

One of the key questions for the country is where does the Labour Party go from here?

In opposition for nearly a decade, a way back to power looks incredibly difficult after the crushing defeat left them with their fewest seats since 1935.

Is it time to change course and move back towards the centre ground which proved so successful for Tony Blair? Might that put Labour in position to make gains at the next election? Or should another leader in the mould of Jeremy Corbyn take over?

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