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Staffordshire General Election 2019 results: Cruise-control for Conservatives

See the full 2019 General Election results from Stafford, South Staffordshire, Cannock Chase, Lichfield and Stone.

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The Conservatives increased their majorities at all the Staffordshire seats on the Express & Star patch.

Scroll down for all the results and reaction from the southern part of the county.

Stafford - Conservative hold

  • Theo Clarke, Conservative* - 29,992 (majority 14,337)

  • Joyce Still, Labour - 15,615

  • Alexander Wagner, Liberal Democrat - 3,175

  • Emma Carter, Green - 2,367

  • Turnout - 70.8 per cent

Stafford has a new MP after Theodora Clarke held the seat for the Tories.

Ms Clarke, who is the niece of Jacob Rees-Mogg, was selected as the Conservative candidate for the constituency following Jeremy Lefroy’s decision to stand down ahead of the election.

She finished with a majority of 14,377 over Labour candidate Joyce Still, up from 7,729 in 2017.

What was the 2017 Stafford election result?

  • Jeremy Lefroy, Conservative* - 28,424 (majority 7,729)

  • David Williams, Labour - 20,695

  • Christine Tinker, Liberal Democrat - 1,540

  • Tony Pearce, Green - 1,265

  • Spoiled papers - 122

  • Turnout - 76.04 per cent

It was Ms Clarke’s second crack at parliament after she lost out in Bristol at the last general election.

She said she was “very excited” to represent the town, which she described as a “beautiful part of the world”.

When asked twice for her views on the lack of a 24-hour A&E in Stafford, she said: “I will be supporting our local health services.” She said she was a “huge supporter” of Boris Johnson and was looking forward to “getting Brexit done”.

NHS worker Ms Still had campaigned over issues including emergency services at County Hospital and anti-social behaviour.

She said: “Sadly this election seems to be about Brexit and not the domestic issues. I was fighting on health and education.”


  • Bill Cash, Conservative* - 31,687 (majority 19,945)

  • Mike Stubbs, Labour - 11,742

  • Alec Sandiford, Liberal Democrat - 4,412

  • Tom Adamson, Green - 2,002

  • Turnout - 72 per cent

It was business as usual in Stone as Sir Bill Cash held the seat for the Conservatives.

Sir Bill won with a comfortable majority of 19,945 (17,495 in 2017) and has now held the seat at every election since its reformation in 1997. He was previously an MP in the neighbouring constituency of Stafford.

He campaigned on a strongly pro-Brexit platform and has vowed to back Boris Johnson’s bid to take Britain out of the EU early next year.

What was the 2017 Stone election result?

  • Bill Cash, Conservative* - 31,614 (majority 17,504)

  • Sam Hale, Labour - 14,119

  • Martin Lewis, Liberal Democrat - 2,222

  • Edward Whitfield, UKIP - 1,370

  • Samantha Pancheri, Green - 707

  • Turnout - 73.91 per cent

Sir Bill, who received 31,687 votes, said that above all else the election had been about Brexit, but added that it wasn’t the only issue for voters and that his party had more to offer.

“We’ve also agreed to provide a lot more in the way of financial support for people – raiding the state pension, we’ve got huge sums of money going into the NHS,” he said.

Labour candidate Mike Stubbs, a Newcastle under Lyme councillor who works as a European funding accountant, came second with 11,742 votes.

He said the nationwide results were “quite crushing” for the party’s strategy and attributed Labour’s defeat to “offering too much”.

Lib Dem Alec Sandiford came third on 4,412 ahead of Tom Adamson of the Greens.

Lichfield - Conservative hold

  • Michael Fabricant, Conservative* - 34,844 (majority 23,638)

  • Dave Robertson, Labour - 11,206

  • Paul Ray, Liberal Democrat - 5,632

  • Andrea Muckley, Green Party - 1,743

  • John Madden, Independent - 568

  • Turnout - 70.7 per cent

There were no surprises in Lichfield as Michael Fabricant comfortably held onto the seat for the Conservatives.

Mr Fabricant, who has been the MP for the constituency since 1997 when he won the seat from Labour, extended his majority to 23,638, up from 18,581.

Labour candidate Dave Robertson came second with 11,206 votes, ahead of Paul Ray for the Lib Dems on 5,632, Andrea Muckley for the Greens on 1,743 and Independent John Madden on 568.

What was the 2017 Lichfield election result?

  • Michael Fabricant, Conservative - 34,018 (majority 18,581)

  • Christopher Worsey, Labour - 15,437

  • Paul Ray, Liberal Democrat - 2,653

  • Robert Pass, Green - 1,416

  • Turnout - 72.1 per cent (53,524 out of electorate of 74,430)

Mr Fabricant, said he was happy to retain his seat.

He told the Express & Star: “I am delighted that I have again increased my majority, it’s gone up every time since 1997 and I’m even more so delighted that we no longer have a hung Parliament.

“This was the Brexit general election which demonstrates that people’s views have not changed since three years ago so the priority now is to get Brexit through.”

Mr Robertson, a councillor on Lichfield City Council and Lichfield District Council, had said before the election that he was “proud” to be selected as Labour’s candidate.

He was part of campaigns to protect school crossing patrols in Staffordshire and save the Friary Grange Leisure Centre from closure.

After the result he said: “It’s obviously difficult when you see your vote share decrease but I think there is still a really strong message there that there is an enormous amount of people not happy with the Conservative political agenda.”

“I think there is a lot to take away from this election and I look forward to working with colleagues to look at how we respond.”

The turnout was 70.7 per cent, down from 72.1 per cent in 2017.

Cannock Chase - Conservative hold

  • Amanda Milling, Conservative - 31,636* (majority 19,879)

  • Anne Hobbs, Labour - 11,757

  • Paul Woodhead, Green - 2,920

  • Turnout - 62.21 per cent

Cannock Chase has stayed Conservative once again after Amanda Milling retained the seat for the second time.

Ms Milling, who was first elected in 2015, ensured the Tories will continue to hold power in the district after more than doubling her majority over Labour to 19,879.

After winning the seat with a majority of 19,879, Ms Milling, who has served as a government whip since January 2018, said: “I’m thrilled with the result and am incredibly grateful to the residents of Cannock Chase.

“There’s a very strong message on the doorstep to get Brexit done.

“I’m looking forward to going back to parliament to make sure that happens, and to represent the views of my constituents on local issues too.”

Labour was second on 11,757.

What was the 2017 Cannock Chase election result?

  • Amanda Milling, Conservative* - 26,318 (majority 8,391)

  • Paul Dadge, Labour - 17,927

  • Paul Allen, UKIP - 2,018

  • Paul Woodhead, Green - 815

  • Nat Green, Liberal Democrat - 794

  • Turnout - 64.3 per cent (47,950 out of electorate of 74,540)

The party had held the seat with comfortable majorities until 2010, but this time around Jeremy Corbyn’s candidate Anne Hobbs was unable to make inroads into the Tory majority.

Ms Hobbs, a Stafford Borough councillor for Manor ward, had focused her campaign on the NHS.

After the result, which was announced at Chase Leisure Centre, she thanked her team, adding: “We’ve worked so hard. It’s been a great opportunity. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

The only other candidate was the Green Party’s Paul Woodhead, a councillor in Hednesford South. He received 2,920 votes. Prior to the election the Lib Dems agreed not to field a candidate in the constituency as part of an electoral pact with the Greens.

It was the only seat in the West Midlands where such a deal was struck.

The turnout was 62.21 per cent, down from 64.2 per cent at the last election.

South Staffordshire

  • Gavin Williamson, Conservative* - 36,520 (majority 28,250)

  • Adam Freeman, Labour - 8,270

  • Chris Fewtrell, Liberal Democrat - 3,280

  • Claire McIlvenna, Green - 1,935

  • Turnout - 68,6 per cent (50,264 out of electorate of 73,259)

The Conservatives maintained their vice-like grip on South Staffordshire with a comfortable victory.

Government minister Gavin Williamson extended his majority to 28,250, up 22,733 from 2017.

The Education Secretary said he was delighted to have won again in the seat he has held since 2010.

“It does quite clearly show that the people not just of South Staffordshire but right across the West Midlands just want to get Brexit done and deal with all the other issues as they are so incredibly important,” he said.

What was the 2017 South Staffordshire election result?

  • Gavin Williamson, Conservative* - 35,656 (majority 22,733)

  • Adam Freeman, Labour - 12,923

  • Hilary Myers, Liberal Democrat - 1,348

  • Claire McIlvenna, Green - 1,182

  • Spoiled ballots - 171

  • Turnout - 69.8 per cent

Labour’s Adam Freeman, who was also defeated in South Staffordshire in 2017, came second on 8,270. He said: “It’s been a very tough night for the Labour party.”

Lib Dem Chris Fewtrell, a Coronation Street screenwriter, was third with 3,280 votes.

The Tories have now won the seat at each election since it was reformed in 1983, with Mr Williamson only the second MP to hold it after Patrick Cormack.

The turnout was 68.2 per cent, slightly down from 69.6 per cent in 2017.