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Wyre Forest Council election results in full as Conservatives buck national trend and take control

Conservatives took control of Wyre Forest, succeeding in contrast to their party's performance nationally.

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All 33 seats were up for grabs at the council, which was under no overall control before the election.

Before the vote, the Conservatives were the largest party with 14 seats, while Independent Health Concern held eight. Independents held another five, while Labour had two and the Green party held one.

The Conservatives gained full control of the council, taking 20 seats of the 33 available.

It means the council is now made up of 20 Conservative councillors, six independents, four Labour, two Liberal Democrats and a single Green Party representative.

The turnout was a little over a quarter, 28.29 per cent.

The full results are: (* denotes winner):

Aggborough and Spennells (3)

Rachel Akathiotis (Lib Dem) 283

John Aston (Indep)* 1,142

Owen Cave (Cons) 483

Helen Dyke (Indep)* 1,324

Peter Dyke (Indep)* 1,213

Thomas Jordan (Cons) 366

George Price (Lab) 426

Simon Sherrey (Cons) 328

Areley Kings and Riverside (3)

Nick Bartram-Savage (Lab) 485

Jason Foster(Indep) 288

Ken Henderson (Cons)* 795

Rob Lloyd (Indep) 424

Danny Russell (Cons)* 656

I Schmeising-Barnes (Lib Dem) 186

Alan Sutton (Cons)* 562

John Thomas (Indep) 325

Carol Warren (Lab) 519

Valerie Wood (Green) 307

Bewdley & Rock (3)

Janice Bell (Green) 461

Emily Bourne (Cons)* 939

Anna Coleman (Indep) 372

Roger Coleman (Indep) 253

C Edginton-White (Indep) 629

Nigel Geary (Green) 297

Cloud Gollop (Lib Dem) 156

Nigel Knowles (Lab) 608

Dan Morehead (Cons)* 841

Rod Stanczyszyn (Lab) 685

Nick Wilson (Cons)* 723

Blakebrook and Habberley South (3)

Adrian Beavis (Lib Dem) 212

Vicky Caulfield (Green)* 765

John Davis (Green) 511

Simon Ford (Lib Dem) 114

Tracey Onslow (Cons)*` 690

Juliet Smith (Cons) 551

Edward Stokes (Cons) 505

Leigh Whitehouse (Lab)* 678

Clive Wood (Green) 385

Heidi Worth (Lib Dem) 187

Broadwaters (3)

Mary McDonnell (Lab)* 634

Tony Muir (Cons) 373

Craig Pedley (Cons) 354

Mary Rayner Indep)* 893

Alan Totty (Lib Dem) 431

Howard Williams (Cons) 252

Peter Young (Indep)* 611

Foley Park and Hoobrook (3)

Nick Atkinson (Green) 278

Clare Cassidy (Lib Dem) 449

Nathan Desmond (Cons)* 834

Dave Finch (Green) 254

Kevin Gale (Cons)* 694

Nicky Gale (Cons)* 742

Doug Hine (Green) 346

Sue Meekings (Indep) 262

Di Smith (Lab) 561

Franche and Habberley North (3)

Lisa Allsopp (Green) 398

John Beckingham (Lab) 685

Ben Brookes (Cons)* 823

George Connolly (Cons)* 793

Jackie Madden (Lib Dem) 551

David Ross (Cons)* 747

Oliver Walker (Lib Dem) 526

Mark Watkins (Indep) 492

*all three seats went to Indep candidates in 2019.

Lickhill (1)

David Little (Cons)* 266

T Schmeising-Barnes (Lib Dem)* 145

Dixon Sheppard (Indep) 106

Stephen Thorneycroft (Lab) 137

Mitton (3)

Michael Allarton (Green) 546

Berenice Dawes (Cons) 638

Jackie Griffiths (Lab)* 733

Nicky Martin (Indep)* 771

Dale Morris (Cons) 684

Chris Pratt (Lib Dem) 471

Chris Rogers (Cons)* 733

Offmore and Comberton (3)

Rose Bishop (Cons) 548

Liam Carroll (Lab)* 599

Brett Caulfield (Green) 326

Nigel Grace (Lib Dem) 561

Bill Hopkins (Cons) 482

Shazu Miah (Lib Dem)* 685

Fran Oborski (Lib Dem)* 777

Martin Stooke (Cons) 438

Ollie Swain (Indep) 438

Wribbenhall and Arley (2)

Corinne Bailey (Green) 272

John Byng (Cons)* 685

Nicole Harper (Lab) 426

Paul Harrison (Cons)* 692

Chris Harvey (Lib Dem) 129

Rob Ireland (Green) 208

Pauline Watkins (Ind) 256

Wyre Forest Rural (3)

Dean Cox (Lab) 886

Gilda Davis (Green) 336

Robin Drew (Cons)* 1,325

Marcin Gorecki (Lib Dem) 291

Ian Hardiman (Cons)* 1,222

Marcus Hart (Cons)* 1,433

David Jones (Lab) 809

Kate Spohrer (Green) 378

Dean Warren (Green) 200