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Labour forms coalition with Greens and Lib Dems in Cannock Chase to run council

Cannock Chase District Council will be run by a coalition between the Labour Party, the Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats, it has been revealed today.

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Cannock Chase District Council will now be run by a Labour, Green, and Lib Dem coalition. Pictured: the council's five Green councillors.

The Conservatives lost overall control of Cannock Chase District Council on May 5 after the most recent local elections, where their majority was slashed to just one over Labour.

Labour then asked for permission from the NEC to enter coalition negotiations and has now made an agreement with the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats to run the council together for the next year.

The three parties attracted over 63 per cent of the vote in Cannock Chase, but no party had enough councillors to govern alone.

Cannock Chase District Council is now made up of 18 Conservative councillors, 17 Labour councillors, five Green councillors, and one Liberal Democrat.

Cannock's Green councillors also claim that they would have entered a coalition with Labour or the Conservatives, but never received a response from Cannock's Conservative Party.

Tony Johnson, leader of Cannock's Labour group, told the Express & Star: "We have been in negotiations with the Greens since soon after the election.