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Stafford Borough Council election results in full as leader loses seat and Labour gains

Stafford Borough Council is under 'no overall control' after the Tories lost six seats and Labour made gains.

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The Conservatives headed into the elections with 20 seats and ran a minority administration, but saw that number fall to 14.

Labour made three gains to finish on 13 seats, while the Stafford Borough Independents have seven seats. The Greens now have five seats after making four gains, while the Lib Dems have one.

Among the Tory casualties was council leader Patrick Farrington, who lost his seat in Gnosall and Woodseaves, while Jonathan Price lost out in Holmcroft.

The full results are: (* denotes winner):

Barlaston (one seat)

Karen Davies (Green) 104

Gareth Jones (Cons)* 368

Richard Sidley (Lab) 209

Baswich (two seats)

Timothy Boardman (Green) 205

Alison Carr (Lab) 633

Maria Davies (SBI) 357

Ann Edgeller (Cons)* 915

Kulwant Kang (Lab) 524

Marnie Phillips (Cons)* 688

Paul Woodhead (SBI) 346

Common (one seat)

Aidan Godfrey (Lab)* 439

Daniel Laidler (Green) 80

Peter Martin (Cons) 178

Coton (two seats)

Neil Glover (Cons) 214

Louise Nixon (Lab)* 645

Ant Reid (Lab)* 564

Michael Riley (Reform) 100

Steven Spennewyn (Reform) 74

Michael Spight (Green) 131

Paul Startin (Cons) 160

Doxey and Castletown (one seat)

James Brampton (Cons) 97

Isabella Davies (Indep) 47

Richard Duffy (Lab) 146

Tony Pearce (Green)* 447

Eleanor Tristram (Indep) 60

Eccleshall (two seats)

Gillian Douce (Green) 338

Kate Hanley (Lab) 591

Peter Jones (Cons)* 949

Sally Osborne-Town (Lab) 444

Jeremy Pert (Cons)* 1,028

Forebridge (one seat)

James Cantrill (Cons) 188

Robert Norman (Green) 139

Julian Thorley (Lab)* 418

Fulford (two seats)

Lynne Bakker-Collier (Cons) 515

Michael Dodson (Cons)* 576

Maria Moore (Lib Dem) 429

Charlie Nutt (Lab) 331

Alec Sandiford (Lib Dem)* 693

Gnosall and Woodseaves (two seats)

Patrick Farrington (Cons) 914

Richard Harris (Reform) 171

Susan Harris (Reform) 160

Scott Spencer (Green)* 926

Dave Whittaker (Green) 828

Mark Winnington (Cons)* 962

Haywood and Hixon (two seats)

Andy Cooper (Cons)* 861

Victoria Door (Green) 373

Brendan McKeown (SBI)* 1,088

Julian Porter (Lab) 684

Highfields and Western Downs (two seats)

Roy Clarke (Cons) 358

Jake Mahal (Green) 162

Andy McNaughton (Lab)* 597

Dee McNaughton (Lab)* 548

Rosemary Musson (Green) 156

Barbara Riddle (Cons) 334

Holmcroft (two seats)

Bryan Cross (Cons)* 790

Frank James (Lab) 797

Mick Lupton (Lab) 583

Jonathan Moore (Green) 242

Jonathan Price (Cons)* 783

Littleworth (two seats)

Michael Bailey (Reform) 120

Martn Garbett (Reform) 106

Andrew Murray (Green) 202

Tony Nixon (Lab)* 704

Gillian Pardesi (Lab)* 775

Maria Redfern (Cons) 370

William Taylor (Cons) 370

Manor (two seats)

Robert Gwynn (Cons) 432

Anne Hobbs (Lab)* 785

Angela Loughran (Lab)* 853

Alexander Oldridge (Cons) 450

Hayley Percival (Green) 227

Milford (one seat)

Katherine Dewey (Green) 126

Peter Edgeller (Cons)* 444

Nicholas Shaw (Lab) 344

Milwich (two seats)

Karine Aspin (Cons)* 752

Frances Beatty (Cons)* 836

Jim Davies (SBI) 424

Tom Harris (Green) 205

Paul McGee (Lab) 365

Susan McKeown (SBI) 403

Kathryn Williams (Lab) 414

Penkside (one seat)

Anthony Boucker (Cons) 169

Rosin Chambers (Green) 56

Fran Clark (Reform) 46

Ralph Cooke (Lab)* 324

Rowley (one seat)

Deborah Hawkes (Lab) 300

Doug Rouxel (Green)* 496

Carolyn Trowbridge (Cons) 406

Seighford and Church Eaton (two seats)

Emma Carter (Green)* 974

Cathy Collier (Cons) 710

Geoff Collier (Cons) 681

Joe McCormick (Lab) 349

Jack Rose (Green)* 777

St Michaels and Stonefield (three seats)

Simon Bell (Cons) 795

Ian Fordham (SBI)* 1,219

Adrian Harding (Cons) 679

Rob Kenney (SBI)* 1,323

Philip Leason (SBI)* 1,306

Mike Osborne-Town (Lab) 863

Duncan Sandbrook (Cons) 454

Swynnerton and Oulton (two seats)

Simon Capewell (Green) 195

Kerry Dawson (SBI) 356

Adrian Holmes (Lab) 435

Roy James (Cons)* 676

Philip Jones (Lib Dem) 295

Jason Metters (SBI) 239

James Nixon (Cons)* 546

Paul Warman (Lab) 347

Walton (two seats)

Jill Hood (SBI)* 1,144

Bill Lockwood (Lab) 536

Ivor Parry (Cons) 252

Jon Powell (SBI)* 658

Stephen Walker (Cons) 213

Weeping Cross and Wildwood (two seats)

Lianne Al-Khaldi (Cons) 358

Jenny Barron (SBI)* 639

Ray Barron (SBI) 592

Sarah Matthews (Green) 189

Julie Read (Lab)* 630

Martin Sandbrook (Green) 126

Steph Travis (Cons) 372

James Withington (Lab) 587


SBI – Stafford Borough Independents

FSL – Free Speech and Liberty