MP Michael Fabricant denies claims of 'inappropriate' behaviour with male journalist in a taxi claimed on Tory sex list

An MP accused of being 'inappropriate' with a male journalist in a taxi has denied any wrongdoing after he was named on a list of alleged Tory sex pests.

Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant

Michael Fabricant, who represents Lichfield, confirmed he was one of 36 Tory MPs named on a spreadsheet compiled by parliamentary researchers.

The former Conservative Party vice-chairman branded it a 'mystery' – saying neither he or any Westminster journalist had ever heard of the allegations.

And he warned about trial by social media.

He said: “I have seen the spreadsheet which is on social media.

“It only lists Conservative MPs, which is odd in itself, and is a strange mixture of rumour and gossip.

"No-one seems to know who prepared this bizarre list of accusations.

“Among other accusations made against many other MPs, it is claimed there was a single incident where I was ‘inappropriate with a male journalist in a taxi’.

"But what does that does that mean?

“Was it a joke which was rude or risqué that I told?

“Did I challenge him on journalists’ expense accounts?

"If it were anything really newsworthy, surely the journalist would have written it up as a juicy story?

"What a scoop! But it wasn’t. There has been nothing reported about this. I even checked with journalists in the Parliamentary Press Gallery which is a hot-bed of gossip.

"But they know nothing about it either.

“When was this supposed to have happened?

"For the life of me, I cannot recall having been in a taxi with a journalist recently, though doubtless I must have been over the last 25 years in Parliament.”

The Staffordshire MP added: "The whole thing is a big mystery to me."

Mr Fabricant, who will appear in Channel 4's Celebrity First Dates on Thursday, tweeted earlier today: "A journalist in the back of a taxi? You've got to be kidding."

He said there needed to be an independent investigative body 'which can assess accusations, punish guilty MPs, but also discredit anyone who smears an MP merely for party political or other reasons'.

“It is as important to exonerate the innocent as well as punish the guilty in these days when anyone can publish anything on social media and get away with it,” he said.

"Right-minded people everywhere will condemn unsubstantiated witch hunts."

The list, seen by the Express & Star, makes allegations against five West Midlands MPs, including Wyre Forest's Mark Garnier.

Mr Garnier, an international development minister, is facing an investigation over whether he broke the ministerial code.

He asked his parliamentary assistant to buy sex toys and called her 'sugar t**s'.

Yesterday, Government Chief Whip, and South Staffordshire MP, Gavin Williamson said allegations of illegality should be made to the police 'straight away'.

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