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Classic photos of long-lost Wolverhampton pub as faithful recreation nears completion

An important milestone was reached in the recreation of a long-lost Wolverhampton pub this week when its licence was approved.

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The Elephant & Castle was a popular attraction for many years before its closure and demolition in 2001. Photo: Wolverhampton Archives

The Black Country Living Museum is building a new version of the Elephant & Castle in a 1940s-60s town centre as part of its new development project ‘Forging Ahead’.

The original was a grand Edwardian building built in 1905, and stood on the corner of Stafford Street and Cannock Road where it was popular among the then town's migrant community.

It was a seen as a major landmark for those entering Wolverhampton, but fell into disrepair before it was torn down in 2001.

However, drinkers can soon visit this once-treasured watering hole once again after the museum was given an alcohol licence to serve drinks until 11pm.

For those who lament the demise of the original, we've found photos of the previous incarnation of the Elephant and Castle.

The pub took up a prominent place on the corner of Stafford Street and Cannock Road in Wolverhampton. Photo: Bev Parker
Looking down Stafford Street towards the Elephant & Castle in the mid-20th Century
Trolleybuses were a regular sight outside the pub in the mid-20th century
The pub in September 1975
The elephant with a castle on its back that stood overlooking the junction from the wall of the pub
In September 1984 tiler Ken Lawton, of Wynchcombe Avenue, Penn, climbed the scaffold being used during repainting of the pub to raise a glass to the elephant
The elephant was saved and by 2008 had been restored by Steve Swift from Coven Body Repairs in Bushbury
Elephant & Castle before its demolition
In 2007, six years after the pub was demolished, the site was rather overgrown
By 2011 the site had been cleared
But as of 2022, it remained undeveloped. Photo: Google

Since last year the Black Country Living Museum has been building a new version of the once-popular pub.

Work started in the spring of 2021 after the Dudley attraction was given the green light to its Forging Ahead project, which will see 22 new historic buildings added to the site, which also includes a brick-by-brick relocation of Holly Hall's Woodside Library.

The expansion is the biggest since the museum opened in 1978 and will focus on the period from the 1940s to the 1960s. It will also feature an NHS clinic, a barbers, and a Co-op supermarket.

By September last year construction was well under way, and new pub is set to open later this year.

DUDLEY COPYRIGHT MNA MEDIA TIM THURSFIELD 08/09/21 .The first historic building to open at the new Forging Ahead exhibit at BLCLM will be the re-created Elephant & Castle pub, which was originally from Cannock Road, Wolverhampton..
Paul Crofts from the museum outside the new pub in April 2022
Work on the upstairs bar in April this year
The new Elephant & Castle in April this year. Photo: BCLM
An artist's impression of how the pub will look. Photo: BCLM