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Wolves fan Sean drops 20 STONES after health scare

When 34-stone heavy Sean Elms suffered a heart attack scare, he knew it was time to drastically change his lifestyle.


Wolves fan Sean Elms had piled on the pounds by enjoying too many of greasy fry-ups, pies AND fizzy pop.

But it stemmed back to when he was an unhappy child at school, which contributed to him over eating and gaining weight.

Ten years ago however, Sean Elms, who is from Tipton, had a heart attack scare, which made him change his lifestyle but he soon reverted back to his old ways.

Being close to his two nieces, Sally and Laura Walden, he used to enjoy going shopping with the pair, but it turned out to be a bad experience as he could only walk a short distance before becoming out of breath and being forced to stop and rest.

Sean shows just how much smaller he is
Sean has dropped from a 7XL and now wears a medium-to-large T-shirt

But finally, the 44-year-old from Highfield Road began his weight loss journey in February 2014 on the referral scheme, which is funded by the public health, where he weighed in at a whopping 34 stone 5lbs.

He has dropped clothes sizes from a 7XL and now wears a medium to large t-shirt, can walk without stopping and last year purchased a mountain bike, something he wanted to do all of his adult life, but was always too big to fit on one. He now weighs 13 stone 9lbs.

Sean said: "It's been an incredible journey and I feel really proud of myself, I'm like a rejuvenated person.

"For the first time in my life I feel fantastic in my own body, rather than trying to hide away and have no confidence whatsoever.

"I just want to keep going and stay as fit and healthy as possible. Being able to own and ride a bike feels amazing, and I'm able to do things my weight always held me back doing."

Sean attends Pauline Homer's Farley Park Lodge slimming group with his sister, Teresa Walden, helping them raise over £660 MacMillan Relief last summer.

Pauline said: "As the weight continued to drop off, Sean began to gain confidence. Before this he couldn't even talk to people, now he chats away to everyone.

"I've never known anyone to lose as much weight as Sean has in that amount of time, it's incredible. He's been a true inspiration and made other people believe they too can overcome their battle of losing weight."

The Sandwell Public Health recently attended one of their meetings and were so inspired by Sean's natural weight loss journey, they have taken took a picture of him and put life size cutouts in Sandwell GP Surgeries and Libraries to promote Farley Park Lodge, Weight Watchers and weight loss for men.

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