Residents say they've been calling for new trees along busy road for 15 years

Residents living along one of the busiest roads in the region are calling for trees to be planted in a bid to help block out traffic noise and worrying levels of pollution.

Keith Gibson wants to urge the council to put trees up in the right place along Birmingham New Road
Keith Gibson wants to urge the council to put trees up in the right place along Birmingham New Road

Those living on the Birmingham New Road in Coseley claim that they have been calling for tree-planting on the stretch for 15 years after previous ones died through disease or damage from road traffic accidents.

Keith Gibson, aged 69, claims that officials say that because of statutory works, such as gas, electricity and water pipes, they cannot be planted where they are needed.

Now he has sought the help of Councillor Barbara McGarrity, of Wolverhampton Council.

Mr Gibson said: “Some trees were planted but they were put in the wrong place.

“Over the years the trees between Meadow Lane and the slip road have disappeared because of road traffic collisions or disease.

“We have campaigned to get them replaced as the M6 route has increased traffic near our homes.

“A speed camera was installed but we wanted trees and when they did plant some they were placed outside a nearby scrapyard and in-between existing trees and six near the Black Country.

“I have told the council they were in the wrong place and although promised that some would be planted these were put elsewhere.

“Less than 100 yards away Dudley Council have planted several hundred sapling trees in between existing ones on grass verges along the road so we feel that this could be done near our homes.

Trees planted opposite the Black Country route junction

“Local residents are concerned about the environmental issues and carbon emission because during the rush-hour times particularly traffic can be at a standstill.”

Now councillor Barbara McGarrity, who represents the Springvale ward, added: “Trees have been planted along Birmingham New Road but I would have preferred them somewhere else.

“I have asked for more trees and will be providing money from my ward funding for one or two trees.

“I have already put money towards trees being planted along this road but they were not placed where I would have liked.

“A lot of cars build up at this particular spot near the traffic lights and although the officer has said that there are too many services in the way I am hoping we can get around this.

“Lots of trees could be planted but it all comes down to the cost and whether this is a convenient place.

“Discussions need to be held with the officer responsible to see if the trees can be planted by the spring.”

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