5ft pet lizard on the loose in Sedgley after escaping its enclosure

A 5ft lizard has escaped from its enclosure and is on the loose in Sedgley.

Ni, the Nile monitor
Ni, the Nile monitor

The Nile monitor is believed to have escaped at some point on Sunday night from a house on Netherby Road while his owners are on holiday.

Nile monitors are large African lizards that have powerful jaws and sharp pointed teeth, but the lizard's owner says he will flee should anyone approach him.

A picture has been released of the lizard, but his owners say he is much bigger than the photograph suggests and is currently around 5ft from head to tail.

Mark Purcell is currently on holiday in Tenerife but received a call from a friend this morning who has been feeding his lizards that 'Ni', the Nile Monitor, had escaped.

Mystery surrounds his escape, as the enclosure door was not open, and Mark's other lizards are all still safe, with no signs of a break-in.

Mark said: "My friend went round this morning to feed him for me and said he wasn't in his enclosure.

"I have three more lizards there and they are still in their enclosures.

"He will be more scared if people approach and will run off - there is only me, my son and partner who handle him.

"I think if people see him they would need to call the RSPCA.

"He isn’t aggressive in any way, he would be more scared.

"He isn’t going to last long outside, he needs to be near water.

"I am heartbroken, I lost one last year that I had for 16 years before he died.

"You can't just go into a pet shop and buy one, they are the second biggest lizard in the world."

Mark bought the lizard a year ago and says there would be a reward for anyone who comes forward with information.

Anyone with information can contact nathan.rowe@mnamedia.co.uk and the information will be passed on.

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